Why Your Business Needs Digital Asset Management Software

If your small-to-medium sized business wants to boost the productivity of your creative team, you need digital asset management software. It’s an important tool to keep your team organized, while saving valuable time. While the creative process is still up to them, having all their digital assets at their fingertips does make their jobs easier.

Have a Central Location for All Files

Trying to find the right file when you need it is impossible when some files are one employee’s hard drive, and other files are scattered out on five other employees’ hard drives. By using a SaaS solution, all digital assets are stored in a central location. It’s this ease of access that’s helping SaaS digital asset management solutions grow annually. It’s projected to increase 22% by 2020.

Instead of wasting time searching for the files your creative team needs, they simply search by the file name or open the right folder. Another benefit is the ability to organize all of those files into collections, making it easier to find the correct file in less time.

Showcase Assets to Clients for Feedback

Since you’re able to grant anyone access to the entire database or just a single file, a cloud-based digital asset management platform gives your design team the chance to show assets to clients. Instead of emailing things back and forth, your team can simply share a link. Clients can then see how a project is progressing and offer real-time feedback.

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Collaborate with Digital Asset Management

Thanks to the cloud aspect, it doesn’t matter if your creative team works in the same office or even at the same time. For instance, the MLB can have up to 60 people in different locations that create, archive, and distribute digital assets each night so that the latest sports clips are always available.

If it wasn’t for SaaS digital asset management software, this collaboration wouldn’t be possible. While small businesses might not need collaboration on the same scale, it’s important for any team to be able to work together.

Access Files from Anywhere

What happens if your creative team is meeting with a client and the client asks for a specific asset? If the team didn’t bring that file along with them, the client is going to be disappointed and it may even cost your business new clients.

SaaS solutions mean your team has access from anywhere. All they have to do is log in to the software from their phone or tablet to quickly retrieve the requested rich media.

Secure Files to Avoid Stolen Content

Security is a benefit for both your business and creative team. Imagine if your team worked on a new branding design kit for a new client, but when the client was given access to review the files, they suddenly canceled the project. A few weeks later, a slightly altered version was being used by the same client.

What happened? The files were stolen and used. Many systems allow your team to apply watermarks and other forms of security. Of course, individual file permissions means even if an employee quits or is fired, you can lock down access and keep all your digital assets secure.

However you look at it, digital asset management solutions are the perfect complement to creative teams.

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