Best Employee Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

Managing your work timetable can be difficult without the right employee scheduling software. Even a small number of workers needs careful planning. After all, both your time and money are at stake here.

Why is employee scheduling software necessary?

Your employees need an easy way to know when they need to show up for work. They may also want a channel to inform you about their availability. As you may have experienced, doing it by hand is a draining task. You could save time and energy by using the best employee scheduling software for your company.

Without the right software, you are likely to run into many problems. For instance, it’s easy to miscalculate hours using a paper-based solution. Even a computer spreadsheet doesn’t make it much easier. What do you do if you need to plan weeks or months ahead? That’s when affordable software can lift a lot of weight off your back.

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What is the best employee scheduling software for you?

Consider one of these solutions and choose the platform that fits your needs:

This employee scheduling software gives you flexibility. You’re free to be on the move since comes with an app, available for both iOS and Android. You can also use it from your laptop or desktop computer.

You can run your payroll using this platform as well. It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is. ZoomShift works well for all kinds of organizations. To make sure it’s the right choice for you, take it for a free 14-day test run. allows you to get very detailed reports about your employee schedule. You get attractive yet detailed graphs and charts. It’s easy to manage swaps, availability, and other quirks of employee scheduling.

You will also be able to make announcements or send special instructions. With your approval, employees can arrange shift swaps on their own as well.

You can try it out for free, for 30 days, to see if is the right fit for your business.

This platform is built for both small and large teams. If your team has less than five people, you get to use it for free. For added flexibility, download the mobile app for Android and/or iPhone.

FindMyShift has interesting features such as shift reminders via email and SMS. There are also options to customize the database to suit your business structure. Take a look if you’re looking for a slightly more sophisticated solution. is a user-friendly and versatile employee scheduling software. It gives your employees a smooth system to manage their own shifts.

The distinctive feature here is the mobile workflow. The app has been optimized for both managers and employees. All aspects of scheduling are effortless with WhenIWork. The design makes planning and communication an easy and natural process. WhenIWork offers a 30-day free trial for new users.

These are some of the best employee scheduling software choices available to you. These four platforms are all easy to use, even if you have little technical knowledge. All you need to do is to sign-up and you can start scheduling immediately.

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