Email Communication Is Out — Chat Is In!

Interoffice chat software is providing office workers with new ways to communicate. Employees are glad of an alternative to traditional email channels, which are often inefficient and slow. Interoffice chat software allows employees in different branches of the same company to communicate quickly, conveniently and efficiently. Let’s take a look at this recent trend.

Why is Interoffice Chat Software Better Than Email?

When email was invented, it was a revolutionary technology. However, today it feels dated. Many office workers can relate to the feeling of drowning in emails, many of which aren’t particularly useful or relevant. When your inbox is full of emails, it can be difficult to sort through them to find the ones that are really important. This means that sending an email to ask someone a quick question is no longer an option, as it’s unlikely that you’ll get a timely response from the person you need to speak to.

Interoffice chat software separates out messages that need an immediate response from those that can be safely ignored. If you need to speak to the other members of your project team, you can send a message via interoffice chat software and be sure that it won’t be lost in a deluge of email. You can then exchange chat messages instantly back and forth to discuss whatever issue you need to deal with.

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Who Uses Interoffice Chat Software?

Many companies report that they’ve implemented interoffice chat software for their project teams. Team members can leave the chat app open all day beside the task they are working on, which allows them to instantly communicate with other team members as though they were in the same room.

Both large and small businesses are adopting interoffice chat software. The obvious use case is a large business that has more than one office branch, but small businesses in which employees sometimes work remotely can also find the software useful.

Benefits of Interoffice Chat Software

According to Slack, a popular team messaging application, using interoffice chat software can cut down on internal email by almost 50 percent. Many people claim this has a positive effect on their productivity. Cutting down on the number of emails people receive makes it easier for them to process and prioritize the ones that are really important.

Interoffice chat software also speeds up communication. Users can set up their own chat groups, where they can discuss projects they are working on. Everyone in the group sees each message as soon as it is sent, and a full record of the conversation is kept so team members can look over it. Reviewing a conversation conducted in interoffice chat can be much more convenient than searching through an email chain for the information you need.

The Future of Interoffice Chat

Chat applications are very popular with Millennials, many of whom have recently entered the workplace. In the office, members of this generation are likely to feel more comfortable using interoffice chat than traditional email. As Baby Boomers retire and Millennials make up an ever greater fraction of the workforce, interoffice chat is set to grow in popularity. However, it’s too early to say whether chat and instant messaging will ever completely take over from email.

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