How to Promote Your Podcasts on Social Media

You can learn how to promote your podcasts on social media so you don’t have to be dependent on people stumbling across you on the internet or going through a podcast directory.

Read on to learn simple techniques for a successful podcast enterprise.

7 Ways to Promote Your Podcasts on Social Media

Let iTunes Help You

Get your podcast on iTunes. It is the place most people think of when they are looking for podcasts. The iTunes platform is searchable, so people who hear about you can look for you there.

Pin It on Pinterest

You can upload notes and a description of an interesting podcast on Pinterest. Make your title snappy and include an enticing visual, and you can attract fans based strictly on your visuals.

Ultimate Radio Show has some great visuals that might inspire you.

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Post the Podcast URL

The nice thing about profiles is they are always there. You can promote your podcasts by making them a part of how you describe yourself on all social media. Include links on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media accounts you have.

Share Behind the Scenes Footage

This can make a great video on YouTube. People enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes view on broadcasts. Don’t look at the camera. Make it look as if the audience is looking in while you record your podcast. You can pick up a lot of fans this way. If they subscribe, they can watch future podcasts being made, so make it a habit to film yourself to promote your podcast.

Snag Special Guests

If there’s one thing all authors have in common, it’s the fact that they will do anything to promote their books. Once your podcast is out, the author will make sure everyone on social media listens to it. While the author is promoting the book, he or she is helping you promote your podcast. This can win you new fans. Invite the same author back when the next book comes out.

Repurpose Your Transcript

Make transcriptions of your podcasts and place your book on Amazon. In your profile, include a link to your podcast. Get an Author Central account on Amazon and start promoting your podcasts along with your book.

Make it App-Friendly

You can put your podcast on apps that are designed to let users hear your podcast on a phone. Look into options such as:


The Bottom Line

You can promote your podcast on social media in creative ways that will build a fan base. Remember, it is not news to say you have a podcast out. Lots of people can say that. Make your news important. Get people excited. Build up their expectations for what they will find in your podcast. Promote your podcast by telling people what’s in it for them, not what’s in it for you.

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