How to Use Google Analytics for SEO Optimization

If you want to grow your small business, not only is a website necessary, so is Google Analytics for SEO. You simply must perform effective search engine optimization so people can find you. Ranking near the top of online searches can build your business quickly and bring you customers you might never have encountered otherwise.

A Guide to Google Analytics for SEO

Start Your SEO Campaign

The way you use Google Analytics for SEO is to create an SEO campaign. Your content should have good search engine optimization built into it so that you can track how well your SEO is working.

Improving Your Website

You will receive monthly statistics from Google Analytics for SEO that can help you improve your content. You will be able to see where your leads came from, and you will know which pages of your website are getting the most traffic or are being ignored.

Focus on the Best Prospects

Your report from Google Analytics will show how your SEO attracts specific types of visitors. You will see the keywords that are attracting customers and be able to eliminate weak keywords that might not bring you the types of prospects that can become customers.

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Analyze Your Website

Using Google Analytics for SEO will allow you to analyze your website. Google will show you visitor-flow visualizations that pinpoint websites that are performing poorly. You can redesign your site to improve the Google report.

Monitor Your Various Campaigns

One of the best ways to use Google Analytics for SEO is to set up different URLs for running offline advertisements. Google will show you which URLs are being used the most, and this will help you understand whether print, radio, television or other types of advertising are driving customers to your site.

Get to Know Your Customers

When you use Google Analytics for SEO you can see what kinds of devices your customers are using and how they found you. Organic results will be from people using search terms online. Direct traffic comes from people typing in your web address. You want organic searches because those tend to be people who are discovering you. Google will tell you what kind of traffic you are getting.

LionLeaf says understanding your customers is one of the most important aspects of using Google Analytics for SEO.

Watch Your Site Grow

You will receive visual comparisons of how your website is performing. Google Analytics for SEO provides representations that allow you to compare present performance to past performance.

Keep Up with Search Engines Change

SEO is not static. Google Analytics for SEO will inform you of changes in search algorithms so you can adjust your content. For example, one algorithm change started devaluing bad links on sites instead of penalizing them. You can learn what actions will hurt your rankings or improve them.

Google alerts can be a valuable tool to help you keep up with trends you may be able to take advantage of, and they are sent right to your inbox.

Once you start using Google Analytics for SEO, you will understand that your website is a fluid entity. You must change it constantly to move your site up in the search rankings. Google helps you do that by tracking what you are doing and alerting you to what you should be doing.

Google works with you to improve your SEO and help you improve daily.

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