How to Use Airbnb for Business Travel

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of using Airbnb for business travel. While hotels are okay, booking a small home or a few rooms offers a more peaceful experience. It’s also more convenient and usually cheaper than your average hotel room. Before booking a place on Airbnb, make sure you are getting the best option available for your employees.

Airbnb for Business Travel: 5 Tips for Success

Only Book with Business Travel Ready Listings

Since the popularity of using Airbnb for business travel is growing, Airbnb has a program specifically designed for finding listings that meet the needs of business travelers. These listings are labeled with a briefcase to show that they are “business travel ready.”

These listings are required to meet certain standards and have specific amenities, such as reliable Wi-Fi. They are even required to maintain high reviews to ensure they are suitable for professionals.

Businesses Partner With Airbnb for Business Travel

It’s even easier to book listings if your business partners with Airbnb. Businesses are able to sign up with Airbnb to gain access to reporting tools. When employees book, they can do so through the business account to have the business automatically pay for the cost versus having to reimburse employees later. This makes it easier to coordinate travel plans and costs.

While small companies are more likely to use Airbnb for business travel, the cost effectiveness and travel management tools make it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Finding the Right Amenities

Business travel is different than a vacation. Employees need to be able to easily work from where they are staying. It’s also easier for them if they can cook where they’re staying versus trying to find somewhere to eat in a crowded city. Airbnb listings offer the benefits of home, making it less stressful for employees who have to travel often.

Eric Caruthers, who works with Simple Global, compared his experience using Airbnb over a hotel as not just a business trip, but a company retreat. He loved being to cook breakfast together with other employees and have ample space to set up an office in the home they rented. He also said it was far more cost effective with even better amenities.

Save on Rates

The cost savings are enough to convince many businesses to switch to Airbnb for business travel. Different studies have found that the average savings are approximately $102 per night over a hotel, while booking an entire home only saves businesses approximately 20%. These aren’t small numbers, though.

Another way to save is by staying on the outskirts of major cities. Staying in a small neighborhood versus in a hotel in the middle of a busy city means lower rates too.

Always Check Reviews

Checking reviews doesn’t just apply to using Airbnb for business. No matter why you’re booking a listing, check the reviews first. Some business travelers have had bad experiences, such as mice or annoying property owners sharing the space.

Look through the reviews to see what past guests think. Once again, always limit your search to business ready listings to ensure you’re getting the best possible room or home.

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