Best Employee Time Tracking Apps

If you need a better way to effectively track employees’ time, time tracking apps are the perfect solution. These apps are designed to go beyond a basic spreadsheet and allow employees and management to quickly enter and edit their time. They also feature reporting tools to make it simple to see hours worked for each employee, department, or even project.


FreshBooks is more than just a time tracking app. It’s an all-in-one solution for managing your business. Track time, manage expenses, send invoices, keep track of projects, and create detailed reports. The iOS and Android apps are designed to make tracking hours and managing a business easy when you’re on the go. FreshBooks also integrates with other useful services in just a few clicks.


If you need time tracking apps that feature advanced reporting, Hours is a great place to start. It’s only available for iOS currently. It’s designed to keep track of hours in real-time by using a list of timers. For instance, if an employee is working on different projects or in different departments, they simply click the correct timer to switch hour tracking.

Detailed and colorful reporting make it easy to monitor time and see any errors. A drag and drop system even allows you to correct errors quickly.


Jiffy is focused on making time tracking as effortless as possible. The Android app offers one-click switching between tasks, projects, and departments. With a few clicks, employees can edit their time and even see a summary or detailed report of their hours.

Send reports to clients or management via different cloud services. There is even offline support to track time when there isn’t an available Wi-Fi or data connection.

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If multi-platform support is important for your business, Toggl is one of the most popular time tracking apps. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows. There are also desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The key feature is simplicity. One-click timers and custom time organization make this app ideal for teams.

Time is synced between devices, so it’s easy to manage time no matter what device you’re currently using. Export reports to quickly give clients an overview of billable hours or project progress.


TSheets integrates with your business’s current payroll software to provide more detailed data. What sets TSheets apart as one of the most accurate time tracking apps is the GPS tracking. The iOS and Android apps feature GPS tracking so you know for certain if employees are checking in from the correct place or not.

Employees log their own time and managers can easily make edits and see entries in real-time. There are even multiple ways to log time, such as dialing in, tweeting, and texting.


Track both time and project details with FunctionFox. It’s among the top time tracking apps for detailed tracking and customization. After you purchase a FunctionFox product, you’ll have access to free add-ons, such as the iOS and Android apps for mobile time tracking.

Manage projects and time by creating milestones, scheduling appointments, entering time, and even creating reports. Customize your dashboard to see just the data that matters to you.

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