5 Free Time Card Apps

Time card apps are a modern alternative to paper time cards or time sheets. By using the following free time card apps, you can ensure that the hours worked by everyone in your company are tracked accurately. These five time card apps can track the number of hours employees work, so you can ensure they are paid the right amount each week or month.

5 Free Time Card Apps

1) ShopClock Time Card App

Shopclock is a time card app that is designed to meet the needs of small businesses. This app automatically records the times that employees clock in or out on a timesheet, which can be viewed or editing by an administrator. You can set rules regarding overtime to ensure that no employee works more hours than they should. Employees can use the software to request time off, while admins can use it to generate reports showing the amount of time worked by each employee. ShopClock is available to try for free, although there’s a subscription if you decide to adopt it as an enterprise-wide solution.

2) Anuko Time Tracker

If you’re looking for a time card app that is both free and open source, try Anuko Time Tracker. Designed to be easy to use, this web-based time card app can track the amount of time employees spend working each day. One nice feature of this tool is the ability to track how long employees spend working on particular projects, which allows you to see which activities are taking up a lot of time and which are being neglected. Anuko Time Tracker allows you to group employees into teams, which can make it easier to track their work.

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3) CKZ Time Clock

People working at a small business can clock in and out using CKZ Time Clock free edition. Admins can use the app to monitor employee hours in real time, which includes instantly seeing which employees are working a lot of overtime and which are absent due to sick leave or vacation time. The free edition of CKZ Time Clock restricts usage to only three employees, which may be enough for some small businesses. Larger enterprises will need to upgrade to the Kiosk or Network editions of the app.

4) TimeTrex

As one of the world’s most popular open source time card apps, TimeTrex is used by small businesses all over the world. One big advantage of this app is that it is completely free to use, no matter how many employees you have. It’s split up into three modules. The first module, Employee Scheduling, allows you to conveniently schedule the work activities of employees from week to week. The Time and Attendance module tracks employee attendance like a traditional time card app. Finally, the Payroll module is useful for small businesses that want to automatically integrate employee time tracking with payroll. TimeTrex is available for Windows, Linux and iOS.

5) ClockIt

Track employees in your small business with ClockIt, a cloud-based tool that tracks working hours, attendance, and employee location using a browser or Android app. Free for up to three employees, ClockIt is a modern and user-friendly time card app for small businesses. One nice feature of this tool is that it supports biometric fingerprint readers, which ensure security and allow employees to instantly clock in and out.

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