What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management is an organizational process for keeping track of the digital assets that businesses deal with on a daily basis. Simply storing assets in random folders isn’t enough anymore. From controlling permissions to easily locating files among teams, a clear process is necessary for effective management of digital assets.

What is Digital Asset Management?

As a basic definition, digital asset management is considered a business process, but every business may handle the process differently. Part of this comes from using different software types to manage digital assets. It’s important to note that the digital assets managed in this process are considered rich assets. These include videos, podcasts, music, and other forms of multimedia content.

Part of digital asset management involves not just organizing content, but managing permissions and rights to various assets. For instance, some employees may need to access to assets for one project, but not another.

Overall, businesses have two choices when it comes to effectively managing their digital assets – SaaS and in-house. Now the question isn’t so much what is digital asset management, but how can it benefit you?

How Can You Benefit from SaaS Solutions?

Large businesses likely have the resources available to handle in-house digital asset management. Small businesses often don’t have the hardware, network, and IT support necessary for cost effective asset management.

This is why small and medium businesses are turning more towards cloud-based, or SaaS, solutions. The vendor handles everything and the business only pays for the level of service they need. More services are also offering high levels of customization to manage digital assets in a way that’s best for your business.

Of course, SaaS solutions offer something that in-house options usually don’t – anywhere access. Small businesses may be made up of employees that work from their homes or travel often. Organizing digital assets so they’re easily accessible from anywhere is not only efficient, but convenient.

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How Does Digital Asset Management Help Different Businesses?

Some businesses may believe digital asset management solutions are just for creative companies, such as design firms or marketing companies. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When asked “what is digital asset management,” the answer is whatever you make of it.

One way that any business can utilize these solutions is for brand control. Instead of worrying about what type of content employees are uploading online, manage your brand reputation by storing approved content for employees to access.

Another benefit is being able to work together without actually being together. Since everyone can access files from anywhere, it’s easy to work as a team on the latest ad campaign or interactive presentation. This is one of the reasons so many marketing agencies are turning to digital asset management solutions.

Even printing companies are upgrading to digital asset management solutions. They’re using it to retain customers and attract new customers. It’s become a way to stand out from the competition by offering more than just printed materials.

While some businesses are still asking “what is digital asset management?” the businesses jumping on board are already reaping the benefits.

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