The Best Brainstorming Apps for Content Marketers

Content marketing requires creativity. The hallmark of good content is that it stands out. That means you can’t afford to write standard content that simply mimics what is already out there. In addition, you need to constantly search for new directions to go in. This can tax your creativity.

However, if you brainstorm some ideas with your team, you will be surprised at how many options you come up with. Let’s look at some apps for content marketers to use to brainstorm ideas. The tools don’t do the work for you, but they can stimulate you and your team members to do the work.

5 Brainstorming Apps for Content Marketers

Whiteboard Fox

This is a digital version of the good old-fashioned white board. You can draw and write and use colors as you wish. Then you can save and share so that other team members can alter the ideas. This tool creates a truly collaborative result. It works with tablets so it is easy to brainstorm when you are commuting or otherwise moving about through your day. This is a good mobile app for content marketers who are remote.


What makes Pinterest one of the best brainstorming apps for content marketers is that you can not only add your own ideas, you can collect ideas from other people on Pinterest. Create a board for your team and start posting ideas and images that pertain to the theme you are exploring. You will build a visual representation of new ideas this way.

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Google Docs

Create a Google Doc you can share with your team. Place the topic at the top of the page. Ask people to simply add words related to the topic. This works well for finding words to describe your brand, products, services and initiatives. Allow each person to elaborate on other people’s words.

As the document fills up with ideas, start creating sentences together, or combine words that are written in the document. Encourage combinations that might not seem to make sense at first. Eventually, something meaningful will emerge. You may not have thought of Google Docs as a brainstorming app, but content marketers can find many new ideas.


Use this tool for “mind mapping.” These are charts and graphics that represent the connections between ideas. It is all color-coded for you. With Coggle you can upload images to add to your text. What is different from the Google Docs method is this one shows you the connections graphically.


MURAL works well for teams where members are remote. Your team works together to create a collage. Add links, videos and document files. Then you can group ideas together. The best part is this tool integrates with YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Evernote and Google. That helps you incorporate ideas from more sources and increases your chances of coming up with something great.


The Bottom Line

Brainstorming is a vital part of keeping your content marketing new and lively. The best apps for content marketers stimulate new ways of thinking and doing. Use the ideas you get from these tools as thought-starters. Obviously, you want your ideas to end up being practical, but during the brainstorming stage don’t edit yourself or your team. You will be wise enough to know when an idea can be translated into concrete action.

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