Why It’s Time to Go Off-Script with Customer Support

Customer support scripts have been the go-to method for companies with call centers for a very long time.  For years, customers expected to call into a business customer service line and get an agent to answer their questions with carefully selected words from the customer support script they were trained to use.  More and more, though, brands are discovering that today’s customers are demanding a natural, unscripted customer support experience.

Customer icare says people may be laughing at your customer support scripts.

Benefits of Not Using Customer Support Scripts

Customers Respond Favorably

It makes sense for actors to use a script to read their lines for a part in a movie or a play.  But that’s the problem.  Scripts are mostly read from and there is an expected pattern or outcome.  In a customer service setting, situations, moods and concerns vary.  One size does not fit all when it comes to customer service.  Your customers and your business both benefit from the training you provide your representatives with regards to customer behaviors.  They learn to respond in the best ways possible to any situation.  The result could be long-term success. Giving your employees the tools to make your clients feel comfortable in their interactions with them makes both your employees and your clients feel like they are an integral part of your business.

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Positive Word of Mouth

Clients want to have the type of experience that feels like the person is listening and genuinely cares about them and their request.  If your representatives are trained effectively to have a natural dialogue with your customers, and the result is a satisfied client, the general tendency is for the customer to share their positive experience with their family and friends.  They do this by using social media outlets, the Internet or simply by phone or in person.  Word of mouth from satisfied customers is one of the best ways to gain new customers, and yet, one of the most difficult.  Unscripted, natural dialogue between your clients and your organization’s representatives can easily result in practically free advertising by way of your satisfied customers spreading the word and singing your brand’s praises. No one calls their friends to tell them about a great customer support script they heard.

Win-Win: Satisfied Employees and Customers

Your decision to ditch the customer support scripts representatives use to interact with your clients may just result in a refreshing surprise to you and benefit your organization in the long.  Limiting your employees to a set of words and actions limits their potential for using their natural talent, wisdom, common sense and, even humanity to assist your customers.  The personalized give-and-take of an unscripted interaction helps to empower your employees. You have acknowledged their talent.  The benefit is that a happy employee leads to a satisfied customer.  That’s good for business.


The Bottom Line

Remember, deviating from customer support scripts in your organization does not have to mean that you are sacrificing the proper assistance to your customers.  The goal is to convey to your representatives and your clients that they play an integral part of growing your business.  You can still train your staff to expect any number of scenarios to take place between themselves and a customer, but the goal of empowering employees to serve your customers in a genuine, flexible, humane manner can only lead to an overall success of your brand.

Forbes says it takes much practice to sound unscripted.

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