8 LinkedIn Groups for IT Professionals

LinkedIn groups for IT professionals can expand your LinkedIn experience and effectiveness. LinkedIn is a great place to post your profile, but there is much more you can do to make sure people know who you are.

Joining LinkedIn groups helps in two ways:

  • You can join peer groups for networking. This will keep you abreast of the lasts developments in your field and expand the number of contacts you have. IT professionals tend to hole up in their silos and only associate with the IT people that are around them at work. This limits knowledge growth and exposure to new ideas. LinkedIn groups will broaden your circle of peers.
  • You can join groups of recruiters, human resources people and IT job seekers. This will keep your name out there among people who may be hiring IT professionals. You don’t have to be actively searching for a job, just keep your eyes out for opportunities that may make you think twice about staying where you are.

Dara Fontein of Hootsuite offers a guide for finding and joining LinkedIn groups. You can use this guide to join LinkedIn groups for IT professionals.

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8 LinkedIn Groups for IT Professionals

Here is a rundown of some of the best groups to help your IT career grow and change.

Big Data and Analytics

IT professionals everywhere are buzzing about big data. If you want to keep up with news, events and developmentsĀ around big data, this is the Linked in group for IT professionals you should join.

Cloud Computing

It is hard to imagine an IT professional that doesn’t deal with cloud computing. This group is managed by the Cloud Slam and UP organization. The group has conferences and encourages online member discussions about cloud issues and developments.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This group is hosted and administered by a the IoT Tech Expo organization. The organization holds conferences. Within this LinkedIn online group, you can learn about everything from smart cities to smart cars and wearable technology.

IT Administrators Group

DRV Sistemas, which hosts this group, asks that you only post technical questions. This is not a place to seek jobs. You can only post two items per day.

Linux Expert

This group is devoted to Linux enthusiasts. If you are a user or developer, this is the LinkedIn group for you.

Microsoft Office Specialist Network

This is a LinkedIn group for IT professionals who need advice about the Microsoft Office suite. It is not run by Microsoft.

Network & Security & System (Engineers & Administrators) ITIL (INFRASTRUCTURE) #1

This LinkedIn group is for a small class of IT professionals, in that it is designed for engineers, administrators and pros certified in CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CISSP and ITIL.

Information Technology: Jobs, Job Postings & Job Recruiters

This is the place for IT professionals to find out about job opportunities. If you think you might be in the market, read posts here and respond to them. Make sure your resume is posted on your own page so people can read it.


The Bottom Line

You don’t have to live and work in isolation as an IT professional. LinkedIn groups for IT professionals can help you expand your horizons and remain aware of how your field is growing. The number and scope of LinkedIn groups for IT professionals will surely continue to broaden and grow, so check frequently to see what groups have formed.

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