Should Your Small Business Offer Live Chat Support Services?

Live chat support seems to be gaining in popularity. As a business owner, you may wonder if it’s something worth your attention. What exactly is it? Is live chat just another fad? Or is it something you should use in your own business?

What Exactly Are “Live Chat Support Services”?

Live chat support is a system that allows for conversation with your site visitors. You use it by exchanging messages right from your browser.

You can get up and running within a few minutes. The best part is, there is no technical skill needed to get going. If you’re not sure whether live chat is right for you, take a look at the points below to help you decide.

Prevent Abandoned Shopping Carts

“Shopping cart abandonment” is a common problem with today’s e-commerce. Customers often realize they still have doubts moments before committing to a purchase. This could be partly attributed to lack of information. Live chat helps you avoid losing those sales. That’s because you can be present as your customers complete their buying process.

On the other hand, it’s easy for an unsure consumer to go to a competitor’s website for more details. When that happens, there is little chance of them coming back to you. With that in mind, live chat is an effective way to prevent them from leaving in the first place.

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Guide Your Customers Through the Buying Process

With live chat, you can be of help from the moment potential buyers find your site. There are many consumers who are not completely comfortable with shopping online. You can use live support to provide a guiding hand.

You will build trust as you answer important questions. You can clear any confusion about your product or service. When prospects get answers they’re less likely to keep searching through competing websites. As a result, your business will be the first choice when the time to buy comes.

Increase Sales and Number of Leads

A good number of your site visitors are still in the research phase. They may be serious about buying but are still not convinced. Instead of letting them go, use live chat support to turn them into leads.

Answer their questions and request for permission to follow up. Let them know how they can reach you if they have further concerns. Your sales people can also use live chat to see if your business is the right fit for the prospect’s needs.

What about people who visit your site during your off-hours? You can collect those leads too! Live chat support comes with automated options. You can ask for details of your visitor’s query, as well as their contact details. All you have to do is to follow up when you’re open.

Having live chat support services on your site could give your customers confidence to buy from you. It’s easy and cheap to get started. Your support will help your customers connect with you and your business. For these reasons, you may want consider adding live chat support as a serious option.

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