How to Decide if Live Chat Support is Right for Your Business

Could your customers benefit from live chat support? Whether you want to improve the customer experience or simply capture more leads, live chat support can help your business to grow and thrive. Ask yourself these questions to decide if live chat support is right for your business.

Could Live Chat Support Increase Customer Conversion?

Does your analytics software show that a lot of customers come to your e-commerce store, browse around and maybe even put a few items into their basket, but ultimately leave without buying anything? It could be that they’re not sure which products that are right for them. They may have questions about the products that can’t be answered from the information available on your site. Live chat support allows customers to ask questions during their shopping session, which could help to avoid the situation where they leave without making a purchase. According to research into live chat support, 38 percent of consumers make their purchases as a result of a live chat session.

Could Live Chat Support Improve Your Customer Satisfaction?

Many companies offer a helpline or email contact for customers who are having problems with their order, but these aren’t the most convenient communication methods for young people today. Rather than leaving your customers hanging on the phone, live chat support can put them instantly in touch with an agent who can answer their questions. This convenience can lead to higher satisfaction ratings, which could in turn help boost customer loyalty.

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Could Live Chat Support Help You Save Money?

Live chat support isn’t only more convenient for customers; it also allows agents to handle queries more efficiently. Whereas an agent can only handle one phone call at a time, they may be able to manage multiple chat sessions. This means you don’t have to hire as many customer service representatives to deal with your growing customer base.

Could Live Chat Support Gather Important Data?

When customers use a live chat support feature, they often provide useful information that gives insight into their interaction with your website. In combination with analytics software, this data can often highlight particular problems that you hadn’t noticed. For example, if you notice that mobile customers are using the live chat support feature to ask for sizing information for your clothing products, that could be a sign that this information doesn’t display correctly on your mobile site. Without a live chat support feature, customers would either have to phone your helpline or leave the store without making a purchase, which would mean that you’d never discover the problem.

Is Live Chat Support Right For Your Customers?

Live chat is most popular among people who frequently buy online. If the current tech-savvy generation is the market you are trying to reach out to, then live chat support could be a good step in that direction. Considering trying it out on your site to see how your customers respond.

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