Why Live Sales Chat is Right for Your Business

Online shopping has become a standard way of life. Yet, many people are still reluctant to type in their credit card details into a web form. Many people abandon online shopping carts, just before making a payment.

Your customers want to feel there is a real human being behind your business. They also expect you to show them that you care. How do you connect with your site visitors even before they buy? Is there a way to do it easily and cheaply? The answer lies in using live sales chat.

What Is Live Sales Chat?

Live sales chat refers to web software that allows you to talk with your customers while they are still on your site. This means you can answer any questions the instant your site visitors have them. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to install – you don’t need to have any technical experience. Once you’re setup, you can start chatting with your customers right away.

Live Chat Builds Trust

Trust is crucial for your business to prosper. Lack of trust accounts for a vast number of uncompleted purchases. Your live chat box reassures potential buyers that you will handle any issues as they arise. You also show that you’re not hiding behind a website. You will be demonstrating the fact that you’ll stand by your customers all the way.

Stop Issues from Escalating

In certain cases, buyers may have urgent questions about your product. Not everyone likes to speak on the phone in such situations. Live chat allows you to connect in a safe and comfortable manner.

Live-chat also gives you a chance to present “your side of the story”. Negative reviews from similar brands and products may discourage an otherwise ready customer. From a customer’s point of view, any vendor could take advantage of them. When you chat with them live, you can stop an objection from becoming a real issue.

Don’t Lose Potential Sales

During your off-hours, live chat software can store messages and contact details. You can then follow up on any missed queries. You can also create preset replies and messages that appear to your site visitors.

With live sales chat, you don’t have to worry about any visitor “slipping through the cracks”.

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Some of the Best Live Chat Platforms

There are many options available to you. Here are three potential live-chat platforms you could use.


With this platform, you also get a tracking system for your site visitors. Tracking gives you a clearer picture of what you customers are looking for. You’ll know the pages they’ve visited as soon as they type in their message. PureChat integrates with several other business applications. The list includes many top online brands such as Infusionsoft CRM and WordPress.


This is a very affordable solution for any business owner. If you’re just getting started, you can sign up for the free version. As you grow and need more features, you can upgrade to the “Business” or “Enterprise” plan. If you need help, the Drift staff is very friendly and supportive as well.


This live chat platform is built with automation in mind. You can route chats to the relevant staff member. For example, you can have two separate agents for existing and new customers. Your staff can also chat with each other in the background. This makes it easier to resolve customer issues.

Using live sales chat can boost your sales and online reputation. This is the fastest way to reach your website visitors and help them buy. You can get started almost instantly, so there is no reason to miss out. Choose a platform now and let your business experience the benefits!

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