5 Small Business Help Desk Solutions to Consider

A small business help desk can help any startup to manage relationships with its customers. Help desk software receives customer queries and organizes them, which makes it easier for agents to resolve each issue. With many help desk solutions on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The following are five of the best small business help desk solutions available today.

5 Small Business Help Desk Solutions

JitBit Small Business Help Desk Software

JitBit is a good choice of help desk software for a small business. As a small, UK-based software company, Jitbit promises a personal approach to all business customers. The software is very quick and easy to set up, which means small businesses can start processing support tickets right away. To help them process customer support tickets more efficiently, help desk agents can create scripts that tell the software to automatically notify them of overdue tickets or route certain requests to certain people.

HappyFox Small Business Help Desk Software

HappyFox allows small businesses to combine their email, chat, phone and web-based customer requests together on a single platform. This cloud-based platform is suitable for mobile use and supports 35 languages. To improve response times, businesses can instruct HappyFox to give predefined responses to common questions. This software also includes a self-help portal, where customers can get responses to frequently asked questions without issuing a support ticket. In this way, HappyFox can help to cut down the number of tickets coming into the helpdesk and free up agents to deal with the most pressing issues.

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Freshdesk Small Business Help Desk Software

Freshdesk offers a free 30-day trial, so businesses can try out the features of this help desk solution before deciding if it is right for them. For businesses who only have three support agents, the Sprout package is free forever. Larger businesses can upgrade to the Blossom, Garden, Estate or Forest plans to get more features, such as live chat and customer satisfaction surveys. One interesting feature of Freshdesk is that it uses game mechanics to motivate agents, which may improve employee morale and productivity.

JIRA Service Desk Small Business Help Desk Software

JIRA is a bug tracking and project management tool produced by the software company Atlassian. JIRA Service Desk is built using the JIRA platform, making it the ideal choice for users already familiar with JIRA software. JIRA Service Desk focuses on using automation to increase productivity and help agents resolve issues as quickly as possible. It integrates with other JIRA software to make it easier to fix bugs as soon as they are identified.

Vivantio Pro Small Business Help Desk Software

Vivantio Pro allows businesses to define the workflow for every support ticket they receive. New tickets are automatically routed to the people who have the right skills to solve them, based on conditions set by the business. This help desk software can automatically alert agents when a ticket has been waiting too long for a response. The dashboard that agents use is very clear and provides all available information about each customer’s issue, which means that agents can have productive conversations with customers. Vivantio Pro integrates with email services to ensure that all correspondence about an issue is recorded.

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