Twitter as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Using Twitter as a marketing tool for your business puts you in front of millions of prospects at any given moment. How does it work? The parameters you work within are simple: use the platform to write very short messages of no more than 140 characters.

That may not sound like much room to state the case for your business, but once you learn how to tweet short messages, you will find that you can say a lot.

Tip: You can put out as many messages as you want, so it’s okay to repeat yourself a bit.

The point of using Twitter as a marketing tool is to put out a lot of snippets of messages that will add up to a lot of information about your company. As you do this, you will build relationships with other people on twitter, and these Twitter friends may eventually turn into customers.

Here are some tips for using Twitter as marketing tool:

Keep It Simple

Your readers don’t want confusing statements to figure out. Make one clear sentence about your new sale, product or service and stop there.

Link to Your Content

Twitter allows you to add a link to your site, so you can use the short tweets to start a longer, more in-depth conversation. Use your tweet as a jumping off point, rather than the be all, end all.

Mix It Up

People on Twitter tend to resent anyone who makes a hard pitch or hounds them for business. Make comments about the day’s news events once in a while, or join conversations about topics that interest you. Part of using Twitter as a marketing tool is letting people see the human side of you.

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Follow Back

You will see a “follow” button for people you are reading on Twitter. Following influencers and important voices in your field can help you garner more followers in return. Many Twitter accounts will follow their own followers, essentially creating a reciprocal relationship. This is how you start developing relationships that can lead to awareness of your business and products.

Create a Great Profile

When your followers are interested in something you have written, they will often read your profile. This is where you can describe your business and include extra links to products, services and specials.

Retweet, Retweet, Retweet

You can forward any interesting message on to other Twitter followers. You gain respect when you retweet, and the person you retweet will be likely to follow you.

Use #Hashtags

Any time you put a hashtag in front of a word or phrase, others can join in and write about that hashtag. For example, if you wrote “#LawnFurnitureSale” at the end of a description of your new chairs, others could put the same hashtag on their tweets and everyone that used it would be taken to a #LawnFurnitureSale page where they would see your tweets.

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Share Special Offers

Be cautious with this one. You can offer a discount to any Twitter follower who does business with you. However, Twitter people are a little wary of people who try to sell them too much too often. Use this technique once in a long while, and make it sound like a friendly gesture out of gratitude to your followers.

Promote Tweets

The best way to sell on Twitter is to pay for promoted tweets. These appear at the top of pages. Everyone recognizes them as advertisements, and there is little resentment because you are being upfront about what you are selling. This is much better than acting like you are being friendly and then lowering the boom with a heavy sales pitch. People expect advertising.

Build Brand Loyalty

The best way to use Twitter as a marketing tool is to make people aware of you and what you do. You can build brand loyalty by being a Twitter friend who has interesting things to say and also happens to run a business. People will follow you for your personality, and then take a look at your products and services.


The Bottom Line

Twitter is for relationship selling. Build trust and confidence with followers, and the interest in your products or services will follow. To be effective, you must tweet regularly. If people stop seeing you online, they will forget about you. Keep it friendly and a little personal, and Twitter conversations can turn into lasting relationships that turn Twitter friends into brand ambassadors for you. Remember, Twitter is a marketing tool, not a sales channel.

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