Best Free Online Courses for Content Marketers

Free online content marketing courses can help aspiring marketers to learn the tricks of this thriving trade. From what makes content engaging to readers to tips on sharing content to broad audiences, free online content marketing courses can impart valuable knowledge. Here are a few of the best free online courses available to content marketers today.

4 Places to Find Free Online Content Marketing Courses


Coursera is an online education platform that allows people all over the world to take online courses with some of the world’s best universities. Anyone can audit a Coursera course for free, although you have to pay if you want a verified certificate to confirm your achievement.

Coursera offers a five-part specialization in content marketing: Content Strategy for Professionals. Through four three-week courses, students learn about engaging audiences, managing content, expanding the reach of content, and ensuring content impact. The program is taught by Northwestern University and runs several sessions throughout the year.

HubSpot Academy

As one of the biggest names in digital marketing, HubSpot is a great source to turn to when you need to learn the art of content marketing. Combining 10 classes for a total of five hours of learning, HubSpot’s free course is a good choice for anyone who wants to develop their skills and gain a certification in content marketing. The course requires no prior experience and is suitable for students, entrepreneurs, and marketers who are looking to learn new skills.

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Udemy offers a mixture of free and paid courses through an easy-to-use platform. One of the best free online content marketing courses on Udemy is Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises, which is taught by William Flanagan. To take this course, it’s recommended that you have some experience of basic marketing concepts, social networks, search engines, and analytics tools such as Google Analytics. You’ll build on these basic skills and learn how to create a complete content marketing process that reaches out to your target audience and ultimately converts them into loyal customers of your brand. The course is broken up into four simple sections, plus an introduction and conclusion, so you can digest the information at your own pace.


Skillshare isn’t a free service; if you want to become a regular user of the platform, you’ll need to pay a yearly subscription. However, you can sign up for a free trial, which should be long enough for you to complete the Become a Better Blogger: Content Planning course taught by Andrea Goulet-Ford. This course will teach you how to build a thriving blog, which can help bring traffic to your site. You’ll learn how to capitalize on topic trends, promote the visibility of your blog, and manage your content creation and publication schedule. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to link your blogging strategy to specific business goals. This course is a must for any content marketer interested in creating a popular blog as part of a broader content strategy.

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