How Guest Management Software Can Transform Your Bed and Breakfast

Guest management software can help you make your guests happy while building your revenues. A bed and breakfast establishment should always be quaint, but there is no reason to use quaint, old-fashioned methods for running your business.

Modern bed and breakfast owners utilize software to manage guests, the property itself and even the bookkeeping.

Guest Management Software Features to Consider

Accept Bookings On the Go

Some guest management software will let you take payments on your smartphone or notebook. This feature will keep your bookings straight and your customers satisfied.

Real-Time Booking

No more checking to see if a room is booked or available. In a matter of minutes, you can use your guest management software to check availability, book a room and update the booking if necessary.

Sign Paperwork

You can use guest management software to have guests sign digital waivers and give you all their necessary information. Customers can even redeem gift certificates digitally.

Accept Electronic Check-ins

Your software can allow guests to check in remotely or in person.

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Schedule Employees

Though it is called “guest” management software, you will find some applications that allow you to schedule employees. If your business could use a bit of both actual guest management and internal “guest” management, these types of programs can help you manage both business aspects in one.

Run Reports

Guest management includes finding out your number of visitors, length of stay and returns visits. A good guest management software can do all of that for you.

Send Email Reminders

No more having to remember to send emails to potential customers, guests and former guests. Your software can do that automatically.

Allow Self-Booking

Self-booking is a snap on some guest management packages. Customers can see room availability and book a room without ever having to call you.

Keep Track of Your Occupancy Rate

You can tell if you need to beef up your marketing when your occupancy rate starts to drop. Your guest management software will track occupancy for you.

Get Low-Cost Bookings

Though some software packages charge a rate for making reservations there are many that don’t.

Features on guest management software have become so sophisticated, you can do all of the above and also keep track of gift shop purchases, check-out times, most requested activities and favorite food selections. Your follow-up communications and confirmations will be automated for you, and you won’t have to shuffle guests around to make room for an arrival you forgot about.


The Bottom Line

Your bed and breakfast can be transformed into a smooth operation where you always have time to give personal attention to your guests. You can spend less time in the back office and more time making sure everyone is comfortable and happy.

At the same time, you can actually increase revenues and build your occupancy rate.

The days of doing everything by hand are over, and the era of professional bed and breakfast guest management software has arrived, just in time to make your life easier and your business more profitable.

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