IT Know-How: 5 New Network Monitoring Software to Try

Network monitoring software has become diverse, with each type handling different functions and offering different features. Your decision about what to use is vital to the success of your business, so you owe it to yourself to review several types of network monitoring software to make sure you get the one that is the right fit.

Five network monitoring software packages to consider:


This software is suitable for small businesses that are becoming medium-sized businesses. Your network will be monitored constantly.

Setup is fairly simple. Most of what you will have to do yourself is creating a dashboard. This will include dealing with hosts and alerts.

This software will monitor firewalls, routers, Windows and Linux hardware, and storage. It can also give you in-depth reports.


Spiceworks gives you real-time monitoring. All of your essential functions are monitored, including your hardware and networking connections. It can also provide you with real-time statistics.

Before you get started, you will need to open an account. You will then see a dashboard screen that is standard. Your watch lists for servers and your network are clearly visible. You will need to add any devices that you want to have monitored more closely.

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Datadog gathers data from all of your databases and servers, as well as your software and cloud applications. You have the capability of comparing your metrics, using graphics. You can filter the metrics so you don’t have to look at everything at once. You can also customize alerts so that you only receive the ones you really want. This network monitoring software helps you focus on what you really want to monitor.


Lab Tech can automate any IT function you have. This is the right network monitoring software for automatic routine maintenance. You also can manage all of your antivirus functions.

You can monitor mobile devices, as well as Mac and Linux elements. One of the best aspects of LabTech is it gives you management control of all of your IT assets. This can save you time and trouble in locating and maintaining assets.

Your help desk ticketing is easy through this software.

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor

This one is good for getting started. You can monitor your response time, as well as availability of routers and switches. You get a suite of alerts and reports, and you even receive guidance on what to monitor. The software will even teach you how to monitor.

The getting started guidance on this one is invaluable for the newcomer who doesn’t know how to choose elements to watch.


The Bottom Line

These tips for network monitoring software will get you started. One thing that emerges from an overview is that you need to know why you want the monitoring. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with network monitoring software so you can find the software the has the functionality for your business. Don’t get mesmerized by the bells and whistles. Stick to your purpose for network monitoring.

Paessler offers a comprehensive guide to the criteria for choosing network monitoring software.

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