Service Desk SaaS for Small Businesses

Your service desk is one of the most important contact points between your company and the customer, and service desk SaaS can help you gather, store and use important information from your customer that makes handling issues easier Service Desk SaaS offers a small business the customer-service clout of a big business.

SaaS service desk systems can perform so many functions, it can be hard to know what you want or need. They can gather internet comments and organize them, they can remind agents to move quickly on a request from a Vice President, and they can produce in-depth reports that show you where your ticket processing needs improvement.

The challenge is finding the right one that does what you need it to…

4 Service Desk SaaS Solutions not only provides a single point of entry for request tickets, it assigns priority rankings. The customizable knowledge base allows your employees to update customer and ticket information quickly. This system organizes, prioritizes and expedites resolution of customer problems in a way that can make your small business hum. This is service desk SaaS that is robust and full-featured.

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While Freshdesk offers many of the same features of, it has a little extra bite with its service-level agreement (SLA) management module. Because SLAs usually have time limits on responding to tickets, Freshdesk monitors tickets and escalates them so that they meet SLA requirements. This one is for businesses that are large enough to have SLAs.


This service desk SaaS is extremely customer focused. It gathers customer information and comments from social media, chat rooms, email and phone services. It has stellar automation rules and triggers for handling incidents, and has a reporting feature that allows you to review your service team to see how they are doing. It performs the same functions that performs, so you should evaluate it based on ease of use.


JitBit provides a single view of tickets. This view shows priority and status, as well as any documents associated with tickets. It provides for tagging-allowing you to add significant words or phrases to a ticket that gives it context.


The Bottom Line

When it is time for you to organize your customer-service tickets better and handle issues more efficiently, service desk SaaS is your next step. You have many systems to choose from. The four given here are good places to start your comparison shopping. It is a good idea to write down your primary needs as a business before you look at service desk SaaS. It’s easy to be so impressed by the bells and whistles that you lose sight of the functions you need for your company.

Service desk SaaS requires a learning curve and a reorganization of your service department. Before you move into this functionality, make sure you have a transition plan in place. Your foremost goal should be to maintain good customer service during the transition.

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