How Small Business Software Reviews Can Improve Your Business

When was the last time you performed small business software reviews at your company? Many smaller businesses are loyal to the software solutions they chose years ago. The question is – are those solutions still right for you or is it time to re-evaluate your needs? Conducting a review could improve your business.

Conducting Small Business Software Reviews

Small business software reviews aren’t nearly as time consuming as they may sound and the insight they provide is well worth the time. While every business has their own process, some of the most important steps include:

  • Creating a comprehensive list of all software along with purchase date, most recent update, and purpose of the software
  • Surveying employees to see which solutions they use, why they use it, and what they wish they could change
  • Identifying problematic or outdated software
  • Reducing overall software solutions
  • Ensuring all software is updated

These steps can help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and boost employee satisfaction. After all, better software that’s easier to use always makes people happier.

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Check for Compliance Issues

If you have licensed software, you need to do regular reviews to make sure you’re not violating any agreements. While software audits usually happen to larger businesses, they can happen to smaller ones as well. Avoid any compliance issues by reviewing contracts and renewing any licenses that may be out of date.

Identify Inefficient Software

Software only helps your business if it’s working correctly and can keep up with the demands you place on it. For instance, you probably have some form of accounting software. If it’s constantly crashing or freezing due to a growing database of transactions, your employees are losing valuable time and costs may not be calculated correctly.

Eliminate any inefficient software solutions or upgrade to better options. They only cost you extra time and money.

Uncover Favorite or Most Used Software

Small business software reviews are perfect for uncovering the most used or favorite software solutions in your business. You may have invested in a higher cost option, but a simpler solution may be the one your employees use most because it works better for their needs. By understanding what you use most, you’re able to focus on the right software solutions for your business.

Reduce Overall Software

Too much software is never a good thing. If employees have to use 10 different applications to do their jobs, they won’t be nearly as productive or efficient. This is also a recipe for disaster as data is scattered among different applications. It also means more time training new employees.

Instead, eliminate software that isn’t needed any longer. Look for all-in-one solutions to organize data and get more done in less time.

Discover Better Software Options

After small business software reviews, take time to look at potentially better software options. For instance, if you have a small sales team, a cloud-based CRM solution might work better than having the team write down notes and enter data when they return. It may also be more cost effective to look at SaaS solutions so your software is always current and you only pay for what you need.

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