Top Tips for Managing Social Media Accounts

Managing social media accounts for your business can seem daunting. You have to keep track of your messages, look at responses and feedback, and plan your social media campaigns. If you are not careful, you can become ineffective at engaging with people because you spend too much time juggling accounts.

There are some simple ways of managing social media accounts will actually improve how well you interact with people.

4 Must-Know Tips for Managing Social Media Accounts

1) Set Up a Regular Schedule for Posting

If you simply post in your spare time, your messages on social media will seem scattered and unfocused. Use a social media scheduler. These tools allow you to write a series of posts and put them on a calendar to go out when you want. Make sure you select a scheduler that can handle all of your accounts. A good place to start is Hootsuite, but there are others such as Sprout Social and Buffer you should explore as well.

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2) Target Your Engagement Efforts

Posting random thoughts won’t help build awareness of your brand. Choose a few keywords that relate to topics you want to discuss and stick with them. You can set alerts by using tools such as Mention and BuzzSumo. You will receive a notice when the keywords you select are used online, and you can go to those posts and either comment or write a new post

3) Share

You don’t have to write everything you post. Get in the habit of sharing posts from other people. They will be thankful and they may start sharing your posts, which will increase your reach out there in social media land.

4) Review Your Social Analytics

Don’t guess about who you are engaging with and how you are doing. Many analytics tools will break down the demographics of the people who engage with you, tell you how often they visit your site and gather comments about your business. Tools like Google Analytics, Buffer, Twitter and Kissmetrics will get you started.

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Keep it Real

Managing your social media accounts means staying in charge of your message and how your brand is perceived. When you see complaints online about your business or products, don’t be afraid to chat with that person to see how you can satisfy them. The effort alone will impress. On the other hand, when you see positive comments, engage with those people and thank them.


The Bottom Line

Managing your social media accounts means managing people’s perceptions of you and your business. Yes, scheduling and staying on message are important parts of that management, but so are the human factors. Keep it professional but make yourself likeable, or be a source of inspiration, and you will find social media management is not only doable, but enjoyable.

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