7 Benefits of CRM for Sales Teams

Despite the popularity of CRM, some businesses still don’t see the benefits of CRM for sales teams. All it takes is a few months of using CRM software for a business to discover that it’s a vital tool for streamlining the sales process. Think of it as the tool that makes your sales team more productive and efficient, while potentially increasing profits.

1) Central Point of Storage

Having a central storage point for all customer data is one of the top benefits of CRM for sales. When data is stored in different systems or different members of the sales team have different pieces of data, it’s difficult to keep track of information or gain any useful insights. In fact, 30% of marketers blame disparate data sources for not being able to get useful information about customers.

2) Segment Data for Better Sales

Having all your data in one place gives you the opportunity to segment data to better identify potential leads or quickly see who to follow up with. With CRM, this could mean hours of looking at various spreadsheets, but still getting nowhere. It’s one of the reasons Gartner expects the CRM market to increase to $36.5 billion in 2017.

3) Manage Data from Anywhere

One of the most useful benefits of CRM for sales is mobile access. Since these systems are usually cloud-based, your sales team can access customer data from anywhere. They can also be notified of meetings or quickly access an important file or note before speaking with a lead. They can even enter client details immediately so nothing gets lost.

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4) Stay on Top of Communications

CRM software creates triggers to remind your sales team to contact new leads, follow up at regular intervals, what type of communication different leads prefer, and much more. Instead of having to simply remember all this information, CRM does it for them, making it easier to stay in contact and turn more prospects into customers.

5) Increase Productivity

Among the benefits of CRM for sales, productivity is near the top of the list. When integrating with mobile apps, sales teams see an average productivity increase of 15%. Since your sales team isn’t trying to chase down information, they’re able to focus more of their energy on nurturing leads and building relationships with existing customers.

6) Prevent Data Loss

How many leads and important data are lost when pieces of paper get lost? Your business could be losing sales simply because there isn’t an effective way of gathering data immediately. One of the benefits of CRM for sales is preventing data loss. The sooner the data is entered, the more effective it’ll be.

7) Provide Better Customer Service

Customers want a great experience and 70% of customers said they’d refer others to a company if they had a positive experience. Sales teams using CRM software provide a better overall experience. They stay in contact better, understand the customer’s preferences, and always have easy access to any data the customer may have questions about.

Every sales team needs CRM. It’s the tool that brings your team together and helps grow your business.

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