How to Do a Background Check Before Hiring

Doing an employee background check can be a long and difficult process. It is a sensitive task that carries some risk. Hiring the wrong person could cost you a lot of money. It can be hard to find the best people without a big HR department.

These days, however, you have a plethora of tools that take care of the process for you. Instead of chasing references yourself, you can let an app do the heavy lifting.

These web-based tools automate most of the background check. All you need to do is to provide the information you have collected during the interview. Then, you may have to wait a while for the results. That’s OK since it will still be faster than doing a manual check.

You must ensure that you follow the appropriate procedure for your state. Your candidates need to be aware of the check. They must also consent to it. If you’re in doubt, please seek legal advice.

Employee Background Check Tools

PeopleMatter HIRE

This platform was built with service-based businesses in mind. It gives you more than just the ability to do an employee background check. The system also brings the best applicants to the top of the pile. This way, you can save time by discarding sub-par candidates.

Thanks to automation, your hiring process can be paperless. This will allow you to consider a larger number of quality applicants. PeopleMatter HIRE also guides you till the moment you choose a candidate. Once you’ve made a decision, this web app helps you with onboarding as well.

Contact the customer service via the link above. They will schedule a live demo with you to help you decide if PeopleMatter HIRE is the best option for you.


HireRight has got over 150 solutions you can choose from. You can access criminal background checks, driving records, candidate experience, and other reports. This is one the most versatile platforms for performing an employee background check.

If you’re not yet ready to get started, download one of the free HireRight guides. For instance, you can try one called “How to Review a Resume in 30 Seconds”. Experiencing the HireRight hiring process will help you make a decision.

For relatively small businesses, the HireRight Express package is the best choice. If you need a more complex system you need to schedule a demo with their customer service.

Intelifi EMERGE

Intelifi EMERGE gives you access to a wide range of employee background checks. To make it easier, an account manager will guide you through the process. You will also go through software training before running your reports.

Intelifi EMERGE has live chat support to help you in case you get stuck. They can help with any step of the hiring process thanks to over 10 years of experience! Visit their website to schedule a demo.

Screening your candidates can prevent a lot of potential problems. You also want to ensure that your staff and managers are happy with the new employee. Use the platform you find most appealing to hire your next employee – while saving time and money.

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