PaidYET App Overview

PaidYET is an invoicing and billing application that’s unique in that it is a platform for both merchants and consumers. It is used in two different ways: as a way for consumers to pay bills or a way for merchants to receive payments from clients. It is so innovative that it is patented. With a first-of-a-kind point-of-sale (POS) platform, transactions are swipeless, and payments can be made with one click. The application’s design makes manual paper billing a thing of the past.

It works by having merchants send payment links to their customers through e-mail, text or a post. As a result, customers don’t have to share credit card details. PaidYET utilizes Google’s two-step authentication system.  Upon subscription, merchants can activate auto-payment reminders. These payment reminders are sent to consumers in an email, text or post. The customer uses a Google ID to start the payment process. The seller can also offer payment plan options or make suggestions for fast-pay discounts for their products or services.

Key Features


The PaidYET dashboard is where subscribers first go to set up their accounts. By clicking on the set-up tab, you can decide to access either the consumer or the merchant format. You will then be asked to enter an SMS notification number to receive emails from the app.

A PaidYET subscription is different in that having to ask for or fill out credit card authorization forms becomes obsolete. Because the customer uses Google’s two-step authentication method to start the payment process, there will never be a need for the merchant to have access to a customer’s personal security information. PaidYET is PCI compliant and uses the same level of consumer protections as banks do.

The customers can make secure, automated payments unless they decide to use the dashboard to revoke its accessibility. PaidYET subscribers also appreciate how the app’s dashboard e-wallet system reduces any time spent on bill collecting or making payments.

You can get a look at the platform here.


PaidYET has an invoice creator tool that allows merchants to send professional invoices to their customers with a payment link. Merchants can even use customized logos on their paypage for a more polished, professional invoice. Two options are offered for sending invoices, depending on the information the merchant is sending. For a basic invoice without much detailed content, merchants can use Quick Invoice for $1. The Detailed Invoice option is for an itemized invoice that includes taxing details. Payments can be made online for that type of invoice. PaidYET provides an automatic billing and invoicing process that ensures timely and consistent payment. Not having to enter any data manually also reduces any chance of errors.

Invoice Templates

PaidYet is compatible with other invoicing systems. It allows subscribers to create templates and convert them into PDF files while logged onto the platform. The customer can also take photos and send invoice templates they have created online via the payment button. This feature makes receiving payments faster and easier.

Here’s a walkthrough video that shows you how to prepare an invoice template.

Sales Orders & Purchase Orders

PaidYET customers can install the eWallet system on their iPhones and use it to make one-click purchases. Merchants can also use the patent-pending link as a way to get more sales with potential customers online.

Expense Tracking

With the PaidYET application, there is no need for subscribers to keep monitoring their accounts. The automated expense tracking system sends out email notifications that alert merchants of any paid invoices from customers. Merchants also get notified when a new client is interested in doing business with them.


PaidYET has free invoicing tools that allow merchants to send, manage and receive invoices. Once you attach all the items with their respective prices, the software automatically itemizes and calculates everything including tax fees. Invoices are customized with your company logo and contact details to give it a professional touch.

Open API

PaidYET has an open Application Program Interface that enables it to integrate with third party software.


PaidYET has unique features that small and medium business merchants enjoy. For instance, the unique, customized payment link allows merchants to white label their personal payment page without having to worry about meeting PCI compliance, thereby enhancing security in transactions. This handy feature reduces credit fraud. Also, sending or receiving invoices does not incur any monthly charges. Customers can quickly view their history of expenditures at their convenience and in any location from their mobile devices.

Free Trial

Free trials are available to interested customers of PaidYET. The free version allows prospective customers to familiarize themselves with the app. After four free transactions, customers are required to pay one dollar per transaction. The trial version also enables you to receive and send unlimited quotes and invoices at no charge as long as it is used during the allotted time of your four free transactions.


There are three different pricing plans that PaidYET subscribers may choose from:

  • Bronze – The Bronze packet is convenient for small businesses. Customers are allowed to make unlimited transactions at the cost of $0.25 each, with a monthly subscription of $19.
  • Silver – Silver pricing is ideal for medium-sized businesses. It includes unlimited transactions at the price of $0.10 each, with a monthly subscription of $49. You can equally send and receive unlimited invoices at no cost.
  • Gold – Gold pricing offers unlimited transactions at no cost with a monthly subscription of $199. It includes being able to send and receive unlimited invoices and quotes without incurring extra cost.


PaidYET integrates with external applications such as:


Customer service is offered Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

  • Email
  • Telephone  (650) 549-4357
  • Sales
  • Help Center – Up-to-date guides and tips are available by sending your e-mail address to the official site,
  • FAQ – Answers to frequently asked questions are available through their Help Center.

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Mobile Apps

The PaidYET app is available for Android devices.


The Bottom Line

PaidYET offers an exceptional and cost-effective service that ensures business payments are automated and paid quickly with more efficiency. This point-of-sale application is new to its industry, yet very useful and convenient for any size business to use.


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