Top Ten CRM Companies to Watch in 2017

Today’s marketplace requires constant adaptation to customer needs. To meet this demand, many companies are competing to create the best CRM for a small business.

Top Ten CRM Companies on the Rise

1) Infusionsoft

This company is one of the first to make a CRM available to a wide range of small business owners. You can use the Infusionsoft CRM to create and manage complex sales campaigns. The software can coordinate marketing across various digital and print media. Combined with the e-commerce component it’s a pricey, yet powerful tool-set.

2) Drip

Drip has an intuitive visual workflow interface. This allows you to plan your customer communication journey. You can integrate Drip with your own custom solution for extra functionality.

The pricing includes a free plan for businesses with audiences smaller than a 100 people. You can also do a free trial of the premium plans before making a commitment.

3) ConvertKit

Although ConvertKit is marketed mainly to bloggers, you’ll be impressed by its power. The automation competes directly with the more expensive options. At the same time, it’s easy and fun to interact with. If content marketing is part of your mix, you should give ConvertKit a try.

4) Insightly

Insightly helps you understand your market by compiling info from social media profiles. For instance, you can connect your LinkedIn account to import your contacts. The platform also supports integrations with other systems. You also get other advanced features such as project management.

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5) Zoho CRM

To engage with your customers on a deep level, you need to connect across several channels. Social media is a crucial component. Yet, it’s very difficult to manage all this communication. Zoho CRM provides the ground base for all your marketing and social media needs.

6) Hubspot CRM

This CRM is a free platform for your sales team to boost its efficiency. You get everything you need to manage your inbound marketing. The web app also comes with some tools to help with SEO. For more complex sales campaigns, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

7) Salesforce

This CRM company has been on the scene for over 15 years. Their platform is a state-of-the-art tool to manage customer relations. Salesforce also stands out for giving you the ability to customize your CRM. Salesforce is for you if your sales team is under pressure to perform.

8) HighRise

This is one of the streamlined CRM solutions for your business. Stripped down from all distractions, it’s built to help you focus on your core tasks. That doesn’t mean you can’t run large campaigns with this CRM. Many successful business owners have already benefited from this minimalist approach.

9) is on the expensive side of all CRM options. The company equips you with a versatile approach to managing customer relations. For instance, the Business plan allows you to market via phone and SMS, right from the dashboard. Many draining sales tasks can be automated with this CRM.


This web platform gives you insights on your customers using social media channels. Your sales team can share relevant information while tracking the relationships. As the business owner, you get a real-time overview of how well your sales team is progressing.

As you can see, there is variety in the top ten CRM companies you need to pay attention to in 2017. Each one caters to a different small business niche. Feel free to experiment to see which one brings you the best return on your investment.

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