TimeSolv App Overview

TimeSolv is a SaaS application that helps legal professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, and legal consultants, with useful features such as tracking and electronic billing. Irrespective of the size of the firm, TimeSolv can offer different services which include; handling American Bar Association (ABA) billing codes, invoicing and conflict management tracking.

This application is very easy to use because there is an onboard system through which you can import your data from an Excel sheet. This web-based application offers desktop, iOS and Android formats.

Once the trial period expires and the client subscribes for membership, TimeSolv provides a manual backup system, which members can access at their convenience without any extra cost. However, each member has an option of purchasing an automatic backup system at the price of $19.95 per month. Such a backup allows members to monitor their data even if they decide to move to a new program.

Key Features


The dashboard allows you to assess your performance by checking whether you are meeting your targets. It uses graphs to manage a range of information. For instance, a graph may present target billable hours versus actual billable hours. Others may display target billable income versus the total amount the firm has collected.

Considering such services, it is clear that TimeSolv fulfills two critical functions for the user. First, irrespective of variations in the billing rate, you can enter all your billable hours and income earned from client charges. Second, law firm administrators can measure the performance of their staff by assessing the total number of billable hours directed to members’ matters. Therefore, the firm can check its overall financial performance by running various reporting systems such as aged invoices and client rankings.

To get a glance at what the dashboard looks like, as well as different reporting systems, view here.


Unlike other management applications which generate invoices with limited information, the TimeSolv app offers a more customized one which is highly flexible. The invoices may cover a range of features such as ABA tax coding, trust accounting, and LEDES billing. Members can customize their invoices by either adjusting the figures or correcting mistakes. Also, the TimeSolv app offers mailing services, enabling subscribers to deliver invoices with confidence.

You can see a sample of an invoice here.


The TimeSolv application has several invoice templates to choose from depending on your needs. Examples include invoices with; time and expense details and fixed fee matters. It is your choice to decide what to include in the template and which format to use such as PDF, Excel or even Word. This kind of flexibility is of great importance especially for firms that need to adjust to the needs of multiple clients.

Expense Tracking

Running a business requires you to be mobile. The TimeSolv expense detection system allows you to enter your business expenses from wherever you are when it is convenient for you. It then organizes these entries and prepares a comprehensive report to keep you updated.

Client Statement of Account

TimeSolv allows customers to track all their payments by using the billing templates. It has an invoice setup tab that allows bills to be formatted in a log.

Time Tracking

The software is mobile-ready, making it convenient for you to use the app from anywhere and at any time. Just download the TimeSync application onto your PC. You can then enter your times and expenses when and where it is convenient for you.


TimeSolv’s efficient tools allow users to manage their projects and maintain the budget initially agreed upon with the client. These tools help maximize business efficiency.


One of the features that sets TimeSolv apart from its competitors is how secure it is with regard to users’ personal information. The application is encrypted with security features such as Security Socket Layer (SSL) data transmission, making it highly reliable and secure.

Furthermore, the client interface system makes communication easy to use. All you need to do is enter your name to access all your project listings.


Unfortunately, the TimeSolv app does not integrate well with other management software. However, has an Application Program Interface (API) that is readily available for use and integrates well with other platforms. Also, its importation tools use an automatic manual backup system that allows you to export and import data using an Excel spreadsheet. Other options include:

These applications allow data synchronization in a bidirectional method.

Free Trial

TimeSolv offers a one-month free trial version. During this time, you can access general services without having to use your credit card. Once you familiarize yourself with the application, you can then subscribe to get full membership.


The TimeSolv app has three different billing plans, depending on the number of users in a firm:

  • TimeSolv Legal  This pricing is ideal for independent, small businesses with a monthly fee of $34.95 per user. Some of the legal tasks it assists with are conflict management, ABA task, and multiple trust accounts.
  • TimeSolv Pro  This pricing is designed mainly for accounting contractors and other professionals that specialize in accounting.The monthly fee is $19.95 per user. Although this pricing appears to be economical, it lacks some of the specifications required for law firms to use.
  • Outsource  The outsourcing plan is a basic plan for users to outsource billing depending on the configuration of your business. Pricing may range from $89 to $179 per user.


Customer support services are available Monday to Friday between 9 am and 10 pm, Eastern Time.

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Mobile Applications

You can download TimeSolv app for both iOS and Android devices here.


The Bottom Line

TimeSolv can streamline a legal practice. It was designed with the legal profession in mind, and its tools are geared toward those who work daily in law. The billing feature is simple, sleek and accurate. It can improve your tracking of billable hours. This alone can make your practice more profitable.Your clients will always know what they are paying for, due to the flexible invoicing system that can be customized for each client.

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