Intacct ERP App Overview

Intacct is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that uses advanced reporting and automation to help you to better understand your entire company. ERP is vital to growing your business and the software you choose for this must be flexible enough to help you deal with new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. Intacct is perfect for this because it is automated and it’s able to integrate with other software.

Because Intacct is so flexible it can be used by a variety of types of businesses, across many industries. Not only does the platform have core financial functionality, you also have the option of including additional modules.

Key Features

Core Financials

Intacct has core financial features to keep all of your financial information in one place, removing the need for folders of spreadsheets. These core financials includes a general ledger, giving you greater scalability with your accounting procedures; accounts payable automates payment approval and allows you to see payments in real-time; purchasing offers custom workflows to speed up the purchasing process while improving accuracy; order management allows you to handle more orders with increased accuracy by automating the procedures for handling orders; accounts receivable manages invoicing and credit; cash management is a great asset, clearly showing you how the company is handling money.

Reporting & Dashboards

Intacct’s in-depth reporting lets you know where your company is performing well and where it is not. You can make fact-based decisions and have a greater impact on your company’s performance.

Digital Board Book

The digital board book gathers data from all of your applications, solutions, and integrations and provides you with detailed metrics you can use to inform your business decisions.

Intacct Collaborate

Intacct Collaborate is an internal collaboration tool that allows you to communicate information, like policies and issues,to all of your teams. They can then answer you and communicate among themselves through the same system.

Additional Modules

Intacct also offers other modules that you can add as you grow and find your business needs are expanding.

Multi-entity management helps you manage all of your financial data for multiple locations, branches, subsidiaries or companies. This includes currency conversion, tax regulations, and transaction tracking.

Project accounting manages the expenses, contracts, resources and income from a project. This helps you measure not only project costs, but also revenues realized from projects.

Time and expense management tells you how much time each team member is devoting to a project, and the expenses associated with this.

Contract revenue management tracks revenue by contract , like subscription or licensing, and makes it easy to see the outcomes at a glance.

Contract and subscription billing is an automated service to manage billing, subscription re-billing and changes so you can track your revenue recognition per contract.

Intacct uses Avatax software to calculate sales and use taxes that your company is required to pay in any jurisdiction.

Check delivery service is fully integrated with accounts payable, ensuring that all of your payments by check, ACH or credit card are automated.

Manage your inventory with Intacct to help you maintain sufficient inventory and locate stock accurately.


Intacct has the distinct advantage of being flexible. You can add or remove modules and functions as you need them so that you do not outgrow the Intacct ERP platform. You don’t have to worry about the downtime of having to switch to another solution as your business grows. You can advance smoothly as you get more demand for your business.

Because your data is in the cloud, you will never have on-premises storage problems or need to expand your quarters to accommodate your ERP.

Free Trial

Intacct offers a 30-day free trial of their top features. With this free trial you actually get to view reports and get a feel for the dashboard. To see if this Intacct ERP platform is right for you, you can find the free trial here.


Intacct pricing begins at $425 USD per month, but they customize the price based on your business and the services you need.  You can request a personalized quote here.


Intacct offers two choices for integrations. You can use connections that are already built and are available on Intacct Marketplace. Alternatively, you can utilize Intacct’s professional services to create custom integrations. You may also use the API to integrate.

Mobile Access

Intacct is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, which you can download here.


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The Bottom Line

Intacct is for businesses that are robust and growing. The app has features that can automate many of your functions and grow with you. It is often rated among the top 15 apps for business, so it deserves your attention. See if you have the kind of business growth plans that will require you to have the sophistication, automation and complete overview of your company that Intacct offers.

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