What is Collaboration Software?

Every team needs an effective way to communicate. During a modern work day, your team may have to exchange files and information. This can lead to a “digital waste pile” that nobody understands. That’s where collaboration software comes in.

What is collaboration software? Collaboration software provides a common space for exchanging ideas, files, and information. Your team can enjoy a well-organized channel that provides clarity on projects. Since this is web-based, you can use it from anywhere, especially if you have remote employees.

What is collaboration software going to do for you?

As a business owner, you need your team to remain fast and competitive. Collaboration software helps to reduce the time and energy needed to get a project done. It also allows you to get an overview of what’s going on.

Without a collaboration system, your team will find it hard to keep track of activities. Lack of communication can affect work quality. Using the right platform could prevent work rate problems inside your business.

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What collaboration software is right for you?

Here are some popular options:


Basecamp is built and managed by 37Signals, a developer team based in Chicago. These guys have a quirky approach to web apps, which makes the Basecamp interface fun and easy to use. They keep improving their platform so your workflow gets faster and more streamlined.

In particular, Basecamp’s simplicity helps to reduce “busy work”. You can create clear milestones and track how well they’re done. Restrict access to conversations to keep everyone focused on their own tasks. To get started, sign up for the 30-day free trial. There are no restrictions during the trial so you can test out all the features at no risk.


dapulse gives you an instant bird-eye-view of your team’s progress. As if that wasn’t good enough, the team behind dapulse have designed it be addictive. That’s right, it may get your team addicted to getting work done faster!

Your account comes with a unique dashboard and tools. These to make it easy for your workers to connect. In that sense, dapulse doubles as a project management platform.

It is so simple to use, you can be up and running within minutes. There is no need for training. The pricing is tier-based to fit your specific needs. To see if it works for you, go for the free trial (no credit card required) to get started right away.


Asana promises to cut the need for email. All project discussions are easily available via simple dashboards. Your team doesn’t have to wade through piles of email to cross-check a detail.

Monitoring and adjusting your project’s progress is easy with Asana. If a project goal is not clear, you can start a chat on the topic. Once you know what you want, turn that conversation into an actionable item.

Asana is free for teams made of less than 15 members. The Premium option lets you add unlimited team members. You also get advanced reporting and extra account controls.

Collaboration software can boost your team’s output. Each platform gives you tools to speed up your workflow. Try out one of the above options and enjoy an instant increase in productivity.

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