AccountSight App Overview

AccountSight is a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android platforms. It was developed with the intention of providing web-based institutions and start-ups with mobile access to tracking time and expenses from anywhere.

It is an ideal app for small businesses looking to get to the next level by automating the more tedious, time-consuming aspects of a business. AccountSight has an elegant and intuitive interface. The stopwatch timer tracks your projects in real time, making it convenient for avid multi-taskers or the business owner constantly on-the-go.

SMBs, SMEs and Large Enterprises can all take advantage of AccountSight’s features, such as Time Resource Planning, Expensing and Invoicing.

To manage cash flow, companies need analytics and graphs to determine which projects are profitable. They must also engage in resource allocation, creating budget reports, establishing workforce utilization rates and maintaining time and attendance reports. AccountSight provides all of this functionality.

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Key Features


AccountSight’s fast and accurate online invoicing software is a perfect solution to billing and payment issues of consultants and business owners. It is a powerful tool that helps users efficiently manage accounts receivable by ensuring timely invoice delivery and payment. Using AccountSight, project managers can create three types of invoices: recurring invoices for costs incurred on a regular or cyclical basis, manual invoices to register unscheduled expenses, and invoices based on billable hours and expenses on a project for a particular time period.

Project managers can generate invoices for all projects they oversee. Administrators are able to generate invoices for any project. Managers can create a draft invoice and send it at a later time. AccountSight also has an option to copy existing invoices. Managers can print them out or email invoices directly to clients from the system.

AccountSight automates the process of attaching a header to invoices for all processed timesheets and expenses. It can also predefine tax rates, discounts and other parameters, or let you enter key data while creating an invoice. It also sets up notifications in order to track payments that have been delayed, and it sends automatic reminder emails to clients. It can monitor the billing history of all due or paid invoices right from the dashboard.

Expense Tracking

The expense tracker on AccountSight is basic and easy to use. The feature is efficient and lets users easily track and manage project expense. Users can customize their own set of expense types with charges, rates or per-unit costs before submitting their online expense sheets. Expense sheets can be updated and submitted at different times in the process. You can upload receipts and attach expense documents to projects and invoices directly to the mobile app.

There is an Excel upload option that allows administrators to submit expenses in bulk. The process of expense approval by project managers is also made easy by allowing users to reject or approve single, multiple or all the expenses they have pending at a time. Managers are also able to approve specific entries in an expense sheet. Users can receive timely alerts about all pending and approved tasks via the workflow approval and notification systems.

The reporting tool for this app is a very powerful one. Users are able to compare any data associated with invoiced or un-invoiced projects. The administrator can use the filters provided to search for data and sort it in order to create reports as needed. Those reports can be printed, saved as a PDF file or exported into an Excel spreadsheet.

Time Tracking

AccountSight offers online time tracking features specifically designed for small businesses, independent consultants and freelancers. It has a user-friendly interface that makes both online timesheet submission and approval simple for users. Users can easily fill out the weekly time sheet, save it temporarily and submit it later at their convenience. AccountSight also provides flexibility in submitting bulk online timesheets using the Excel upload option. The administrator even has the authority to submit multiple timesheets for different users by uploading Excel files.

Approving employee timesheets is also made easy and fast with the AccountSight time management software. Project managers are able to verify scanned copies of client signatures by checking the timesheet they submit as proof and approve or reject it. Managers can approve or reject multiple employee timesheets at a time.

AccountSight also provides messages and alerts via its workflow approval and notification system to project managers for timely submission and approval of online timesheets. It also has a time reporting tool that reviews and analyzes all time sheet data on a weekly basis. The filters it offers break apart the data as needed. Reports can be saved as PDF files, can be printed out or can beexported to Excel.

Employee Scheduling Software

Project managers can take advantage of the employee scheduling software offered by AccountSight to plan their projects and do forecasting of resources. Coordinating team assignments, tracking forecasted hours versus actual hours and controlling costs becomes automated with this software. Tracking the costs of each phase and task is also made possible and makes for more efficient project planning.


AccountSight integrates with the following apps:

Mobile Apps

AccountSight is available for iOS and Android devices.


You have a choice of three plans that are each priced differently:

  • Basic – The Basic Plan for the AccountSight app is $10 USD per month.
  • Small Group – The Small Group Plan is $9 USD per month.
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise Plan is $8 USD per month.

Most of the alternatives to AccountSight have a monthly fee of over 20 dollars, which is higher than AccountSight’s monthly charges.

Security & Privacy

The information contained and uploaded to AccountSight is private. AccountSight is committed to your information privacy and security. All payment information is encrypted and stored in servers behind a sophisticated firewall that has strict controls that do not allow any access that is unauthorized. Many steps are taken to safeguard identifiable and personal information. Only the absolute necessary information is captured in order to set up your account, and it is strictly used for processing payments. Secured SSL connections are used while going back and forth from the credit card companies to prevent snooping from any party that is not authorized. AccountSight does not share or disclose any personal information to any third party.


AccountSight customer service can be reached during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.

  • Telephone – (408) 560-3900
  • Live Chat – Live chat is available on the AccountSight website.
  • Help Center – Guides, articles and troubleshooting tips are housed here.
  • FAQ – Search the FAQs for a host of answers to common problems.
  • Other Resources – Weekly webinars are available.

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The Bottom Line

AccountSight has made the processes of invoicing, billing, time tracking and all the other essential tasks of running a business simpler. With the constant updates, alerts and notifications, the tool becomes indispensable. Business owners will appreciate the additional features and learn how to integrate AccountSight with other services. The time this app saves business owners and its ease of use could give an entrepreneur the edge over businesses that are not automated.

AccountSight is a convenient app for small business owners. Automating your business with this simplified tool can make a positive difference for the growth of your company.

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