Clio Legal Management Software Overview

Clio is designed to help manage law firms. Clio legal management software offers solutions to manage documents, track time, perform billing functions, set up new cases or matters and schedule appointments. This is a cloud-based app that will prevent loss of your data in the event a laptop or other device is stolen or compromised. You can access Clio from any device, including mobile devices. You can also import contacts from Outlook or Google.

Key Features

Document Sharing

You can upload documents to Clio, then assign them based on what matter they belong to. You can integrate this process with online file sharing or storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive.

Sorting Emails

You can set Clio up to sort your outgoing emails into folders for each matter. This can allow you to review your correspondence on any particular matter whenever you want.

Document Automation

This feature allows you to create fields in a document you use repeatedly. For example, if you had a summons or representation agreement, you could indicate the fields that are to be filled in with the client’s information. Clio automatically fills in the information by accessing the client’s record in your files.

Task Templates

For tasks you must perform repeatedly, you may find that your checklist is nearly the same. Clio lets you create a template for these repeated tasks so you don’t have to create the checklist each time.

You set up the list of to-dos, and your workflow will remain the same for each subsequent task.

Client Portal

You have a direct line to your clients with Clio. The client portal allows you to share files, bills and supporting documentation with your client. You can customize the portal with your logo and other branding elements. You can also receive payments. Using Clio’s integration with Lawpay or Paypal, enables clients to pay their bills through the portal.

Time Tracking

The time tracking function on Clio is activated through your smartphone, tablet or computer. You start the timer and leave it on while you are working on a specific matter. You may also add time entries at the close of the day. In addition, you can enter time from your calendar. Each time record is associated with a matter. You can then use your time record to generate bills.


Clio’s versioning sets it apart. You can save various versions of a document and look at the changes you have made, all the way back to the first version.

Additionally, the auto forms feature lets you fill in information pertinent to your client or matter and send it immediately.


Clio legal management software has numerous app integrations. In addition to working with Office 365, Outlook and Gmail, Clio integrates with:

Mobile Access

The interface for mobile use of Clio is easy to read and simple to use. You can get a mobile app for Android or iOS.

You can get the Clio app for Android here.

Get the Clio app for iOS here.


Clio legal management software offers a free trial. The signup page does not tell you how long the free trial is. It is six days. You do not have to give any credit card information. This means the company will not start billing you if you forget to cancel your free trial. Instead, at the end of the six days, you will be prompted to choose the level of service you want. Of course, you may opt out of receiving any service at all.

There are three tiers of pricing for Clio:

  • Starter is priced at $39 per month. It provides you with a dashboard, custom invoices, and time tracking.
  • Boutique runs $59 per month. This version gives you integrations with accounting apps. You can also add custom fields.
  • Elite costs $99 per month. You receive priority support and court calendaring.


You receive endless technical support with Clio. This can be particularly useful for some of the more complex features, such as recording and filing outgoing emails.

You can have a real person on the phone help you at:

  • North America / Global HQ: 1-888-858-CLIO (2546) or (604) 210-2944
  • Ireland: +353.2.1601.9279
  • UK Freephone: +44.800.433.2546
  • UK Mobile Freephone: +44.333.577.2546

Email –

For U.S. customers, support hours are Monday through Friday from 12 AM – 5 PM PST /3 AM – 8 PM EST.

Social Links

Clio focuses on Twitter as its social media point of contact, but you may also use Facebook.

  • You can reach the company through Twitter here.
  • You will find Clio on Facebook here.


The Bottom Line

The designers of Clio understand what it takes to run a law practice. It serves as a cloud-based data repository, as well as a billing tool and time tracker. All the interfaces are bold and easy to use.

The biggest hurdle attorneys must get over is using Clio instead of their old record-keeping and billing methods. Once you get in the habit of doing everything online, Clio can streamline your legal practice.

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