Zoho Books App Overview

Zoho Books is a highly-automated app that helps small businesses with inventory, billing, invoicing and reports. It has automated email templates as well. The user interface is very easy to use and is intuitive, especially when looking at the dashboard. Subscribers receive updates to Zoho Books twice a month, which keeps the app up-to-date and offers new features or improved features.

The app is most suitable for small businesses, particularly those that are startups evolving into the next phase. Business owners who don’t need full-fledged accounting functions will find Zoho’s simple approach helpful.

Key Features


The dashboard represents important categories by using graphs. You will find receivables, payables, income, expenses, bank accounts and credit cards represented by easy-to-read graphs in the Zoho Books app. You can also view your cash flow chart. This is useful for business owners who have trouble keeping the big picture in mind. The overall health of your company is always in front of you when you go to your dashboard. If you need help from support, there is also a button to open the chat function with customer service.


The Zoho Books invoicing feature is robust. You can choose from among ten invoice templates that give your company a professional look. In addition, Zoho Books offers suggestions for when to use each type of invoice. You can add a number of items, such as tax, discounts, and your own terms and conditions. Perhaps the most useful feature of invoicing with the Zoho Books app is the ability to set payment reminders.


Zoho Books has templates for estimates – 10 in all – that apply to almost every business situation imaginable. The remarkable feature of these estimates is that they can be converted into invoices. You click the “convert” button and select the information you want on the invoice. The ease of use is impressive, and it can help business owners avoid confusion about what they estimate and what they bill.

Sales Orders & Purchase Orders

Sales orders and purchase orders are as easy to create as invoices and estimates. The process for filling them out is almost identical.

Expense Tracking

The expense-tracking feature is basic but effective. You can upload receipts, and you can attach your expense document to projects and invoices.

Accounts Payable

You can track all of your bill-paying tasks through Zoho Books. You have the ability to create recurring bills along with payment reminders.

Time Tracking

Zoho Books has a timer you can use for each project or task to accurately track your billable hours. When you click the timer off, the hours are automatically added to the task you are working on.


This feature lets you create projects easily. You can assign tasks and create a budget. The budget function is quite thorough. You can work with the total project cost, or you can break a project down into project hours and tasks. You can add invoices, expense sheets and time sheets to each project.


What sets Zoho Books apart from similar apps is its invoicing and estimate functionality. Not only are the invoice templates varied and useful, you can easily turn an estimate into an invoice. This feature alone makes Zoho Books a standout in the field of business accounting apps.

Also, the client interface is superior and makes communicating with clients a breeze.


Zoho integrates with a host of apps:

Mobile Apps

You can download the Zoho Books app for both iOS or Android here.


Zoho Books offers a 14-day free trial. You do not have to give any credit card information to start the trial and they will not bill you if you forget to cancel.

You have a choice of three plans that are each priced differently:

  • The Basic Plan costs $9.00 per month. You can have 50 contacts. You can customize invoices and use the expense, project and time-tracking features. You can have up to two users.
  • The Standard Plan is $19.00 per month. In addition to getting the features of the Basic Plan, you can have 500 contacts, plus the billing and reporting features, and up to three users.
  • The Professional Plan costs $29.00 per month. You can have unlimited contacts and all the features of the Basic and Standard plans. In addition, you can use purchase orders, sales orders, and the inventory function. You also can have unlimited users.

Note: you can get a discount if you sign up for a year-long plan. Also, you can cancel a year-long plan at any time and receive a prorated refund.


You can contact customer service 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

  • Emailsupport@zohobooks.com
  • Sales Representativesales@zohocorp.com.
  • Phone1-888-900-9646 (for US users), +4 (20) 35647890 (for UK users), and +61-2-80662898 (for Australian users)
  • Live Chat – Live chat is available on the Zoho Books website
  • Help Center – Guides, articles, and troubleshooting tips are housed here
  • FAQ – Search the FAQs for a host of answers to common problems. Find them here
  • Webinars – Weekly webinars are available

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The Bottom Line

Zoho Books has simplified the processes of invoicing, billing, time tracking and all the other essential tasks of running a business. With the constant updates, the tool will grow. Business owners will have a learning curve as they explore additional features and learn how to integrate the Zoho Books app with other services. At the end of that learning curve, however, the ease-of-use and time saved could give an entrepreneur the edge over businesses that are not automated.

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