6 SaaS Apps Similar to Hootsuite

Hootsuite was one of the first tools to give you control over your social media presence. There is no doubt that it is a landmark web app. Yet, you may still feel the need to shop around. That’s OK – there are other options that may be better for your current needs. Here are six apps that are similar to Hootsuite, but, well, different.

Looking for Something Similar to Hootsuite?

Social Pilot

Social Pilot seems to be the best value for money, as compared to Hootsuite. This is especially true if you go for the lower-end price plans. At the same time, you still get a full blown tool for social management and analytics.

You can easily work with your team on projects with Social Pilot. You also have the ability manage your client’s social accounts. Test the waters yourself by signing up for the 14-day free trial.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is so similar to Hootsuite, you could say it’s the closest competitor. Ease-of-use is one of the most distinctive features. You will find it much easier to manage your posts with Sprout Social.

Sprout’s customer service has earned some great reviews as well. As soon as you join, you will get a chance to speak to a rep. You’ll then be setup with basic training and everything else you need to get started.


Buffer gives you the essential tools for social media management. You should choose this option if you don’t need all the features Hootsuite comes with. Use it if your main focus is on publishing content on social media. With Buffer, you get extra options for automation. You can also create your own custom integration. You do this by connecting your account with Zapier and/or If This Then That.

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Sendible has an attractive, easy to grasp dashboard. You may fall in love instantly with its simplicity. The design makes your workflow smoother and more enjoyable.

Just like with the other options, you can manage, analyze, and schedule posts. The app is designed to be a one-stop shop for your social media needs. The 30-day free trial will help you decide if this app is better for you than Hootsuite.


If you want a real-time view of how your business is perceived, Brand24 is your app. What you get is not just analytics but a basic interpretation of the data. This allows you to make faster decisions when managing your online reputation.

As the name suggests, this tool works best for brand-oriented businesses. For sensitive topics, you can set up alerts when there are sudden changes in trends. This tool will also help you identify who shares the most about your brand.


Falcon gives you a versatile platform to publish post across a spectrum of channels. You can also compare data from various platforms. However, this tool seems to work best for businesses that already have some traction on social media.

Your team can collaborate and share insights via Falcon. You also have options to restrict access and account permissions. While it is similar to Hootsuite, you actually need to speak to a rep before you can sign up.

Your social media dashboard needs to fit into your business, not the other way round. Since this is a long-term investment, don’t rush into choosing a Hootsuite alternative. Feel free to play around with the free trials. Then go with your gut and choose the app that’s most likely to bring you results.


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