The Best Tools to Track Employee Performance

In business, just like in athletics, what you measure tends to improve. For this reason, it’s crucial that you have a way to track employee performance. This is not easily done using spreadsheets or pen and paper.

Yet, the right web-based solution can give you unprecedented insights. With the right data, you can analyze employee activity and provide necessary feedback. Here are a few good options.

5 Tools to Track Employee Performance


If you like numbers and a visual display of data, this solution is for you. You get direct access to what your employees are doing at any given time. This data includes programs they have open, websites being browsed, and other activities. You can also see how well your employees stack next to each other, based on performance.

You can easily set up your dashboard even if you’re not very technical. Also, according to the WorkiQ website, you could see a positive ROI with just six months.


Basecamp gives you a way to both track employee performance and a system to manage your projects. It has a very simple design based on the natural workflow in a team. This platform makes it easy to keep your remote team productive.

The team behind Basecamp is scattered all around the world. What’s interesting is that they use their own platform to manage internal projects. That includes improving the Basecamp platform itself.

Since it comes with a 30-day free trial, you can test it out at no risk.

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15Five gives you a set of dashboards that give you a clear picture of your employee’s actions. You will easily spot trends. Based on what you learn, you can then share feedback with your team.

This platform has a very attractive and intuitive design. The layout makes it easy for you to track your employee productivity.

You can download reports showing you key performance indicators over time. At the same time, you get a real-time snapshot of your organization. To top that, 15Five allows you to create employee polls and questionnaires. These features allow feedback to flow within your team.

I Done This

If you love simplicity, I Done This will make your day. This system works by collecting daily emails from your employees. The emails include details of key activities as well as potential issues. You can the get all that info as a report. As a result, you get a complete picture of how productive your employees are.

You can see if it’s right for you by taking a free 14-day trial. You may also use the personal version which is free forever.


Saleforce is a well-known platform used to manage a sale team’s results. Although it’s mainly a CRM, its features can help you track employee performance. You can do this by connecting an app from the Saleforce market. Two favorites include EmployeeManager and JobScience.

The downside is that you will likely need some training to get going. Don’t let that discourage you. Thousands of business owners use Salesforce to increase revenue and productivity every day.

These are some the best web-based solutions available today. Try a couple of them to see which one fits your needs.

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