Recurly Subscription App Overview

Recurly is designed for businesses that use a subscription business model. When your business offers a subscription-based service or product, you need a professional management function so you don’t lose track of subscription essentials such as billing, renewals and customer service tasks such as delivery, follow-up and asking for repeat business.

In addition, you need to automate many of the important tasks in the customer lifecycle. The Recurly subscription management app offers itself as an automated solution that can streamline your subscription-based business and grow revenues consistently.

Key Features

Plan Management

You can create multiple subscription plans. This includes choosing different billing cycles and pricing levels.

You can automatically adjust to customer upgrades and downgrades, and change billing for add-ons customers choose. These can be prorated instantly.

Decline & Churn Management

Businesses lose income to declined credit card purchases. Recurly contains a “retry” function that addresses common reasons credit cards are declined. It also notifies customers if there is a problem, so they can correct that problem or use an alternate credit card.

Coupons & Discounting

The Recurly subscription app also manages your special offers that include coupons or discounts. It will catch multiple redemptions, and it will calculate percentage discounts automatically. It can also monitor and issue discounts based on dollars instead of percentages.

Gift Subscriptions

Recurly can issue gift cards and plans so that your enthusiastic customers can promote your business by offering your services or products to acquaintances. This can be your best marketing tool. Fans of your company are its best spokespeople.

Automated Customer Communications

You can set Recurly to notify subscribers with emails to convey important information about your company, product changes and service improvements. These emails can be customized to use your personality and unique approach in the tone and content.

The emails need not look like generic messages. You can personalize them and make them a branded communication from your company to your customer family.

Fraud Management

Recurly identifies transactions that are fraudulent. It reduces credit card chargebacks and can also identify when a customer’s account is taken over by an unauthorized person. Recurly will notify you of fraudulent account activity early, so you can stop the activity and notify the customer as quickly as possible.

Recurly Analytics

You can easily view the condition of your company in terms of subscriber data, plans purchased or renewed, revenues and trends. These analytics allow you to change course when you are missing important milestones, and this can give you the edge over your competition.

Varied Billing Models

Recurly provides you with flexibility in your billing approaches. You can choose to offer a One-Time Charge option, Recurring charges, Seat-Based billing or a Usage-Based model.

Multiple Payment Options

You can receive money from customers by accepting PayPal, credit cards, ACH, Pay with Amazon, or by invoicing.

Sales Tax Collection

Recurly calculates sales tax for you and charges customers accordingly. You will have accurate tax calculations for tax calculations for the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You will also have calculations for the European VAT.


What clearly sets Recurly apart is its extensive automations. Much of the work of customer notifications, billing, changing subscription plans and receiving payments is done for you. You can spend your time marketing your business instead of trying to keep up with clerical functions and recurring tasks.


Recurly is built to utilize integrations so your back-office tasks are automated and blend seamlessly with the management of your business. The number of integrations is lengthy. Here are some of them:


Developers will find API documentation here.

Mobile App

You can find the Recurly mobile app for Android and iOS devices here.


Recurly offers a free trial here. You won’t need a credit card, which means you won’t be billed after the free trial is over, unless you sign up for a plan. The free trial lasts 30 days.

Recurly offers pricing for small businesses and an enterprise version by negotiated contract.

  • The Small Business Plan – Charges of 1.25% of revenues plus 10 cents per transaction
  • The Core Plan – $99 per month
  • The Professional Plan – $299 per month
  • The Enterprise Plan must be negotiated based on the individual business. Advanced features are offered under a fixed annual contract. Discounts and fees are based on transaction volumes.


Recurly offers support through its support page.

  • Email
  • Chat – click the “chat now” button in the lower right corner of the page after you log in, available from 9 to 5 PST
  • Community answers can also be found on Stack Overflow or Recurly’s Google Group
  • Webinars are also available through the site

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The Bottom Line

Recurly is an advanced app that can revolutionize a subscription-based business by automating many of your subscription tasks. In fact, your business may have trouble expanding if you don’t start using the types of automations Recurly subscription management offers. A thorough examination of the add-ons and integrations will reveal ways you can broaden your business management to take more and more tasks out of your hands and automate them. The most efficient way to get started is to use the Recurly features that come out of the box and then learn how to integrate the applications you need.

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