vCita App Overview

vCita is a cloud-based app that assists businesses with payments, schedules, sharing of documents and communicating with customers. You can set it to send out reminder emails regarding appointments and payments, or it can send text messages instead.

The vCita app can streamline your business and automate many of the functions that you may currently find time-consuming. Because all data is kept in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere, and you can use vCita from any device that can access the internet.

You no longer have to feel cut off from your customers just because you are in transit or can’t get to the office. In addition, with automated notifications, you can stay in contact with customers around the clock.

Clients can contact you through vCita if you put a widget on your website. They can access your calendar, invoices and any other information you make available to them. This turns your website into a client portal.

Let’s look at some of the outstanding features vCita offers.

Key Features

Online Scheduling

vCita puts your customers in charge of setting appointments. For example, if you have set an appointment with a customer, that same customer can return to your cVita app through a widget on your website, and see your business calendar. That customer can then reschedule the appointment. This can be done on any device.

Online Payments & Invoicing

You can accept credit card payments online through vCita. In addition, you can create invoices and email them to customers. You can see which invoices have not been paid and which are overdue. Additional reminders to customers help you collect on these invoices.

Tracking Income

You can use vCita to track your income. This can be particularly useful when you have several projects that are in progress. You can determine which projects are producing the best income and make adjustments to those that are not doing as well. This is done through a dashboard that is easy to read so that you can see your income at a glance. The daily glance an income makes this app extremely useful for businesses that are striving for profitability.

Customizable Forms

You can create customized forms for customers to fill out on your website. This helps generate leads. The information customers provide gets stored in your CRM. You can use that information for further communications, customizing invoices and personalizing emails.

Document Sharing

The vCita app allows you to share files with clients through a portal. The portal is personalized for each client. Clients can also share their documents with you. The portal is private so clients will know their information cannot be read by unauthorized people. Also, providing a private portal for customers emphasizes that you value them.

Notifications & Reminders

The notifications feature helps prevent missed appointments. You can respond to client notifications and keep track of any communications you have with a client. You can also set reminders for unpaid invoices and remind customers to respond to an estimate.


vCita allows you to share your contacts with your team. In addition, you can create a team calendar so everyone understands a project schedule. You can also assign customer tasks to members of your team and follow up with them.

Event Registration

If you offer special events or classes, you can register customers through vCita. They can sign up and pay for events or classes online.

See images of all the vCita features here.


What sets vCita apart it the ability of customers to set appointments using your business calendar. This requires diligence on your part to make sure you have set aside the time the customer has chosen. This ability to make customers proactive in dealing with you can elevate your customer satisfaction scores.


The following integrations are recommended by vCita:


You can find the vCita app for Android and iOS devices here.


Rather than offer a free trial, vCita offers a version that is free forever. It is called vCita LiveSite Basic. You can use it to schedule, accept payments, send invoices and share documents.

  • Essentials offers scheduling and payments online and costs from $12.45 per month.
  • Ultimate offers all features with customization. The cost is $39.90 per month.
  • Platinum includes a branded CRM and a dedicated Account Manager. The cost is $59.90 per month.


Support is somewhat limited for vCita. You can find extensive self-help through the help page, which categorizes the help functions nicely. In addition, you can email support by using a form.

  • You will find a robust help page for vCita here.
  • You can send a message to support here.

Social Links

To interact with vCita via social media, go to their various accounts listed below. Also, visit the blog.


The Bottom Line

The vCita app is designed to keep you in touch with your customers. The focus on allowing customers to schedule, contact you and reply makes this an outstanding app for businesses that need to beef up their customer service efforts. It is also one of the view apps that offers class registration, so if you have events or classes for your business, vCita can make the process of signing people up much easier. The app can streamline your other business functions as well, allowing you to focus on making the business better instead of monitoring basic functions.

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