B2B Travel Agency SaaS Solutions

As a travel agency owner, you play a crucial, yet demanding role in your business. It’s a heavy burden to ensure everybody gets what they pay for. If you feel overwhelmed, it’s not your fault. Many travel related elements are out of your control. You can let B2B travel agency SaaS be your machine. An app can keep you organized and handle many tasks, so you can focus on other things.

3 Options for B2B Travel Agency SaaS


Anyone can get started with PHPTravels. It’s a script built to fit the needs of travel agencies. What you get is a package that takes care of technology while you take care of business.

It comes with a unique interface that makes it easy to work with, for you and your clients. Your customers can make bookings from all modern devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone, tablet or a laptop – the app looks great on all screen sizes.

The code is open-source and your tech team can create custom add-ons if you feel you need to. The script allows you to support languages of your choice as well. In case you get stuck, you have access to a friendly and professional support team. Go to http://phptravels.com/demo/ to see PHPTravels in action.

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Technoheaven TMS

This is an advanced travel management system. It integrates various booking and reservation services under one roof. Technoheaven TMS also provides reporting to give you further insights into your customer’s needs.

Record keeping is easy with Technoheaven TMS. You get a well-organized database of past orders, receipts, and other documents. Your customers can access their data in their online accounts.

You can customize the software to work with your needs. You have many options when it comes to setting up details, such as pricing. Tasks such as cancellations in case of non-payment are automated. You can also create integrations with other platforms.


TravelCarma is a versatile booking system for travel related services. You can integrate with suppliers of your choice. You may also choose to sell your own inventory.

Your customers will enjoy the intuitive booking experience. The app design is responsive on all modern devices. You can also update your site content with no outside help. On all fronts, you will be amazed by the user-friendly interface.

If you have agents working under you, TravelCarma can save you a lot of stress. All agent activities can be tracked. You have control over markups, commissions, and credit limits. On the other hand, the system gives your agents access to your live inventory.

The TravelCarma software has other features to help you run your travel business. The list includes advanced reports about your customer activity. Contact the customer service via the website so they can help you get started.

Managing your travel business doesn’t have to be painful. Get an account with one of the above B2B travel agency SaaS providers and you may be able to take a vacation yourself.

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