Active Collab App Overview

The Active Collab app is a project-management solution for businesses that find that emails are no longer sufficient to organize tasks. It helps teams collaborate and it tracks the time team members put in on tasks.

Using this app enables business owners, project managers and team leaders to carefully coordinate efforts and know the cost of those efforts so they can measure the investment in any project. You can evaluate your projects to see if they are cost effective and profitable.

You can automate your invoicing and payment collections, and you can communicate with both clients and project team members through the interface. All of the interfaces are user-friendly and easy to read.

This tool is best for those who are just beginning to need project management. It does not contain complex project management functions that a large business uses. Instead, Active Collab offers users a simplified version of project management that can help business owners become accustomed to the basic requirements of effective collaboration.

Key Features

My Work

Each person on a collaborative team has a page called “My Work.” This page shows the tasks the person needs to perform. This ensures that all team members’ efforts are not only coordinated, but are focused on project and company goals.

Because individuals have their own My Work page, you do not have to micromanage team members. They can quickly see what tasks they are responsible for, so you don’t have to issue reminders and check in on each team member.

Task Filtering

This feature of the Active Collab app breaks tasks down in important ways. You can immediately see who is responsible for a task, when it is due, and what “label” or category it is part of. You an even run a report using the Task Filtering information, so you have a comprehensive look at the status of tasks.

Workflow Management

You can create the workflow for any task and attach documents, set due dates that include reminders, and elaborate with commentary.

Multiple Views

You can select the way you want to view your project progress. You can choose a list view, column view or timeline view, or choose a layout that is similar to a Gantt chart. You can also view tasks as Kanban cards.


You can issue invoices and track their status. You receive notices when a payment has passed its due date, and your clients will receive a notice as well.

Online Payments

You can configure Active Collab to accept online payments from clients through PayPal or credit cards.

Project Cost Estimates

Before you even start a project, you can estimate the costs for it using Active Collab.


You can run a variety of reports int he Active Collab app, including a rundown of all unfinished tasks, the workload for each team and time left to completion for projects. These reports are useful for getting a quick glance of how your project management is going. You can view progress easily and make any adjustments to your timeline and task requirements.


What sets this project management app apart is the ability to track tasks in progress. Often, a project manager or business owner won’t find out a task is behind schedule until it is too late and the entire project is jeopardized. With Active Collab, task progress is immediately viewable for each task in a project.

Another feature that makes this app attractive is the ability to see the workflow and pinpoint where any problems or bottlenecks are.

Integrations & Add-Ons

Mobile Downloads

The Active Collab app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can find those downloads here.


You can get a free trial of Active Collab for 30 days. This is a longer period than most business apps offer for free trials. You are not obligated for any subscription beyond the 30 days. You can sign up for the free trial here.

Active Collab has priced its plans so that you an upgrade as your business grows. You can choose a plan based on the number of members you want to add and the amount of storage you need.

  • 5 Members $25 per month
  • 15 Members $49 per month
  • 30 Members $99 per month
  • 60 Members $199 per month
  • Unlimited Members $299 per month


Active Collab offers a support page here. This page offers an extensive collection of video how-tos categorized by function, as most of Active Collab’s support comes in the form of videos.

Social Links

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The Bottom Line

Project management is not an afterthought. It can mean the difference between success and failure. The Active Collab app offers some essential tools. Perhaps the most useful aspect of Active Collab is the ability to add more collaborators as you grow. This gives you the opportunity to learn and expand at your own pace.

The tool is easy to set up and use, and the integrations add multiple dimensions to the functionality. A business owner or project manager could grow for many years using this app. In other words, it is simple enough to give you a great start on project management, but it is complex enough to handle increasingly advanced projects.

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