Best SaaS for Donation Management

For many organizations, donations are the lifeblood of all activities. At the same time, it can be tricky to oversee. You need a system that makes it easy for people to give, but that’s also easy for you to navigate. Your donors also want to feel that all money is secure and under control. A software-based donation management system handles the delicate aspects of the process.

The most important feature of a donation management system is reporting. When raising funds, you must ensure transparency. Reports can also show you how well your campaign is doing. This alone can shave time off your admin tasks.

If you’re excited, you’ll be glad to know there are many options for you to choose from. Each one gives you a different angle to how you could accept donations.

3 Donation Management Platforms for Your Consideration

Donor Tools

Donor Tool by Higher Pixels is a web app that collects online donations for you. People can donate and view past reports via the dashboard. It is a robust platform that makes the donation process hands-free for you.

Your team can also enter donations by hand. The system has built-in features to make it a smooth task. You are not restricted by location either. Your staff can work together by accessing the software remotely.

To give you further flexibility, Donor Tools has an open API. This allows you to integrate with other applications.

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Kickstarter is a based on a concept known as crowdfunding. Instead of relying on your own efforts, you can access an audience of donors. These are people who visit the site with the purpose of giving money to worthy causes.

Of course, you still need to put in some work to attract attention to your cause, like sharing it on social media. That’s easy – your donors to pledge funds on your Kickstarter page. You may be able to raise extra money once your campaigns get traction.

When there is a lot of activity on your campaign, it gets push to the front page. That could cause your idea to go viral. As a result you may surpass your initial funding goals.

Kickstarter allows you to take donations for both for-profit and charitable causes. You could even raise funds for a new product you’d like to create. Visit the website for details and examples of successful campaigns.


Bloomerang goes way beyond basic donation management. The the system helps you retain existing donors as a long term strategy. This can directly result in increased revenues for your organization.

The dashboard shows you metrics about your donor activity. You can look at your retention rates and other info, such as giving summary. Your staff will also see suggestions on how you can improve your efforts.

The team is passionate about their product as you may see in their YouTube videos. Find out if their work fits your needs by viewing a demo on the Bloomerang website.

Donation management software is the most efficient tool to help you raise funds. Web-based systems make it easy to keep track of each donation and there is no need to drown yourself in admin tasks. Your time is much better spent making the world a better place.

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