LogiSense EngageIP Platform Overview

The LogiSense EngageIP Usage Rating and Billing platform is an app for back-office systems. Communication service providers like Vonage use this app to automate their overall billing systems, making them much more simple in the process. EngageIP is able to increase business efficiency for billing, improving customer experience and boosting profitability.

EngageIP Billing offers are billing and invoicing, flexible rate tables, pre-paid systems, carrier access billing and self-service portals. The app is fully automated and streamlined, and easily integrates with other platforms. Its billing capabilities show you how to create services that focus on what the market demands.

Key Features

Usage Billing

You can use a pay-as-you-go billing method or a pay-per-business-use model.

You will also receive detailed information about your customers, such as when they buy, where thy buy and how much they spend. This data can be used to set your prices and make new offers to your customers.

You can adjust your billing approach as your change your customer approach. The pay-as-you-go model is an excellent way to allow customers to pay for only the services or products they want and then grow with you as you make new offerings.

Subscription Billing

The subscription billing model gives you recurring income. You will have a steady cash flow stream that is predictable from month to month. If you bundle products and services together, you can charge varying subscription rates that improve your profit margins.

This helps you create a relationship with your customers that can last years, as opposed to trying to sell to them once only. You are more likely to get additional sales from customers that have known you for a while.

You can consistently add value to your offerings, which will keep customers interested and increase your profit.

You can also combine subscription billing with usage and pay-as-you-go billing to get the maximum benefit from this billing tool.

Personalized Billing

You can offer customized services to your clients and customize your billing at the same time. As you create products and services based on what customers want, you show them you are listening to their needs. You can then create personalized billing that gives them value for what they ask for and doesn’t charge them for features they don’t.

Customer Self-Service

EngageIP icludes self-service tools that your customers can easily understand. This lets them manage their own billing and subscriptions. They don’t need to contact you to make changes. You have the ability to grow faster without adding personnel to handle increased customer add-ons and revisions. Your customers do that for you and your billing automatically adjusts.

Transparent Billing

This platform sends alerts to customers when their service or billing changes. This way, you are completely transparent, and your customers can trust that you won’t make changes without telling them.

Secure Payments

All payments are secure, and customers can use credit cards or Automated Clearing House (ACH). All customer data is locked away and kept safe. You can build a relationship with your customers based on trust and responsible data handling.

Customer Experience Management

You have an automated system at your fingertips that manages the entire customer experience from first contact to repeated sales. You stay in contact with your customers without being intrusive. And you don’t have to hire additional personnel to achieve this level of customer management. It is automated for you through the EngageIP app.


The LogiSense EngageIP Billing app is different from similar apps because it enables service providers to get the most out of a competitive market through its real-time capabilities.

It also helps to maximize monetization by empowering you to develop services that meet the market demand. You can then bill your customers accordingly, increasing your income through innovative billing capacities.

It is fully automated and streamlined, and it is easily integrated to eliminate difficulties in the back office.

The platform allows service providers a customized solution based on either an end-to-end model or the pick-and-choose-components model.

It also allows providers to personalize their services because they can combine it with existing services to meet their customer demands.


Free Trial

It has a 14-day free trial period.

Pricing Options

Contact customer care to inquire about different pricing options.


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The Bottom Line

The LogiSense EngageIP app helps you rethink your revenue streams. You can leave one-time billing behind and step into the world of usage billing and subscription billing. Your monthly income can be predictable, and you will know your cash flow months in advance. This model not only affects your billing, but it also affects the way you develop offerings to your customers. As you become accustomed to the billing model, you may change your business model to include more subscription-based products.

This is a sophisticated tool that takes back-office functions and puts them in the forefront of your mind. By paying attention to your billing models, you can actually alter the direction your business is growing in. You will have the option of creating custom services and products, bundling them, and charging for them based on solid customer data.

Use the 14-day free trial period to determine if you want to change your billing approach and create recurring income utilizing the LogiSense EngageIP tools.

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