NetSuite App Overview

NetSuite is enterprise resource planning software (ERP). You can use comprehensive, interconnected applications to manage your entire company.

Developed from the earliest stage for the cloud, NetSuite brings down expenses and reduces problems for IT. NetSuite handles back office functions that used to be time-consuming. You can manage financial functions such as accounts receivable and revenue recognition, and you can manage customer relations, purchasing, and marketing.

NetSuite is a clear leader in ERP, and you will find that the reason for this is that it has broad capabilities. You need to make sure your business is ready for the complexity of operations and functionality available in this app. You will experience a steep learning curve, and you will need to train staff to use the NetSuite app.

Key Features


The continuous dashboards are a key part of the NetSuite app. They empower business owners and managers with important data about every aspect of the company, in every department. Also, because the application is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any place at any time. In other words, you always have current information on your business. The dashboards can likewise be customized for each employee, so they can see the information that is applicable to them.

Client Administration

Having a total review of each client’s information is significant. NetSuite doesn’t simply give you uninterrupted access to client contact data. It captures client communications, sales history, correspondence and delivery status. You can create a profile of each of your customers and consequently serve them better.

Sales Forecasting

Accurate sales prediction is fundamental for your business growth, and NetSuite gives you the ongoing information that you require with a specific end goal of forecasting sales. You receive sales data that can alter your marketing focus as your business becomes more nimble.

Time Tracking

The old business saying, “time is money” is something that NetSuite seems to have taken seriously with its CRM arrangement. You can track the time your staff spends on individual communications with precision so you can understand the time cost of customer service.

Campaign Management This is part of the NetSuite advertising strategic solution. It helps you create marketing based on accurate information as opposed to hunches. With access to an extensive variety of data about your clients, including socioeconomics, purchasing patterns and buying history, you can be sure that you’re advertising campaigns are upgraded for the best outcomes.

Email Marketing

Being prepared to deal with your email marketing efforts is a big advantage of NetSuite. You can have prioritized focused campaigns with convincing substance. The messages you send to your contacts, as well as their responses, are kept in that individual’s record.


Incentive pay gives your staff powerful sales incentives. Netsuite automates pay procedures such as commissions and bonuses for meeting sales quotas. This reduces pay errors.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management gives your teams immediate access to information they need to take advantage of sales opportunities. You can identify and capitalize on trends in the marketplace quickly.

Lead Administration

By following the activities of your leads, you can have a full profile and customize your sales approach.

Report & Analytics

Access numerous reports and create customized reports rapidly and effortlessly. These permit you to observe the key execution points that are vital to your business.


Netsuite has fundamentally lowered the aggregate cost of business management. The comprehensive management tools in the NetSuite app are impressive for their scope. You can use this single app to manage every aspect of your business.

NetSuite requires negligible overhead. Other cloud arrangements require more assets – managers, designers, and a larger workforce – than NetSuite. The app offers a bundle of software solutions, along with integrations, that can handle any business situation. NetSuite supports multi-level ERP needs more productively and successfully than most apps on the market.


NetSuite integrates a host of applications. These include:


The NetSuite app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


NetSuite offers 14-day free trial, but you must first subscribe to a plan.

The pricing of NetSuite Starts from $499 per month. Your price depends on the configuration you choose, additional add-ons and the length of your contract.


  • Telephone1-877-638-7848

NetSuite does not publish its support email addresses and other contact information. This information is provided based on the level of subscription you choose.

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The Bottom Line

The Netsuite app is a comprehensive ERP solution that includes CRM, accounting, eCommerce, and financial management. You can customize your business tasks in multiple departments, including sales, advertising, marketing, compensation, purchasing, and employee management. NetSuite offers estimation, forecasting and streamlined execution of initiatives. All of your employees view and share information, enabling them to collaborate and solve problems more quickly.

With the multiple integrations available, you can tie all of your business functions together and monitor your entire company’s performance with this single app.

Be sure to look at the videos available online so you can understand how NetSuite can affect your business. Many of the features may not be for you, but you can choose the ones that will help your company when you customize the configuration.

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