How to Choose the Right CRM Tool for Email Marketing

Email marketing can fuel the relationship you have with your customers. A well-planned campaign can increase sales and build customer loyalty. Of course, to manage the process you need to be properly equipped. Here are some insights into how to choose the right CRM tool for email marketing.

Why You Need a CRM Tool for Email Marketing

Connecting with your customers via email is a complex process. Besides the technological aspects, you need to keep track of progress. There are regulations you must follow in order not to appear to be a spammer.

Dedicated tools handle issues in the background as they occur. The teams behind the software will notify you if there is anything wrong with your methods. Don’t underestimate the need for expert advice in this area.

There are three main indicators to look out for:

  • Deliverability – The main job of email marketing software is to ensure your emails don’t end up in the spam box. By using a reputable provider, you avoid being blacklisted.
  • Ease of use – It should be easy and comfortable for you to send out campaigns. Play around with a couple of platforms to see what works for you.
  • Automation – You should be able to schedule autoresponder sequences. You also want to be able to integrate email campaigns with other applications. These criteria are fundamental to choosing the right CRM tool.

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The following email marketing CRM tools meet all of these requirements:


Aweber is one of the most trusted email marketing services. They have a long-standing relationship with major internet service providers. This means your emails are more likely to reach your audience. This benefit alone makes a preferred choice for many businesses that rely on email.

You can extend the functionality beyond email marketing. Your developers can use the API to create add-ons. Many CRM related apps allow for integration with Aweber as well. Take it for a spin with the 30-day free trial.


ConvertKit gives you email automation at an affordable price. The app has a lot of support among top bloggers and social media influencers. This proves how well it helps marketers connect with their audiences.

This CRM tool aids your marketing with beautiful capture forms. If you wish, your tech team can integrate it with another platform. ConvertKit is flexible enough to be adapted to most business needs.


Infusionsoft CRM is for businesses with a heavy focus on direct marketing. You get an intricate system that combines email marketing with other media. Your return on investment is tracked on every single message you send.

You can move subscribers between lists based on their actions. This is not limited to what happens when they receive your emails. For instance, the app can trigger a preset action after a user makes a purchase. Although it’s a costly solution, Infusionsoft can quickly pay for itself. When you sign up, you will be taken through comprehensive training. This is compulsory for all new users. The training ensures you’re comfortable with the software right from the beginning. Visit the Infusionsoft website to schedule a demo.

Take your time as you decide on your perfect CRM tool for email marketing. You will be using it for some time to come. Make sure the features are what you need to reach your goals. Don’t overthink this process, though. The most important bit is to start sending exciting emails to your customers.

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