HouseCall Pro App Overview

The HouseCall Pro app enables your service business to provide improved customer care. At the same time, this app supports service professionals in all aspects of their daily workflow.

Examples of tasks that can be simplified with the HouseCall Pro app include job scheduling, customer database maintenance, invoicing and payment processing. The app also informs customers of the status of their job orders. It is integrated with the HouseCall Pro consumer booking app.

The HouseCall Pro app features an easy-to-use interface on mobile devices and the web. This app has a design based on user input, which is evident in the easy-on-the-eyes appearance of the interfaces, and the intuitive navigation.

The tiered plans allow you to pay for the amount of service you need as your company grows. As you add features, you will be adding efficiency to your business.

Key Features

Invoicing & Payment Processing

You can email invoices to customers directly from your phone. Customers can pay with various methods, such as credit card, debit, cash, collection agencies, and bank transfers.

The app processes payments at a flat rate of 2.9% + $0.30. You can key in credit card numbers or scan the customer’s debit or credit card. For this function, the HouseCall Pro app integrates with QuickBooks Online to simplify your accounting processes and save you some time and work.

Scheduling & Dispatch

The HouseCall Pro app allows you to see the type of job a customer has requested and then estimate the job’s cost. Booked jobs can be tracked through Google Calendar and checked daily, weekly or monthly.

This feature also allows you to delegate jobs to staff based on their availability. Details of the job and last-minute updates can be sent to their devices in real time.

Customer Management

Records about jobs, customers, and communications are stored in your private cloud, which makes tracking of job histories easier. Tags organize the database based on preferences you can customize.

It is always less expensive to keep a customer than to earn a new one. Your customer database can serve as a source of repeat business if you regularly review it to find customers to re-contact.

Postcard Marketing & Email Remarketing

Postcards allow you to thank your customers in a personal way for $0.65 apiece. Reminder emails and thank you notices come at no cost.

You can attract new customers by featuring your business on a HouseCall consumer marketplace in your service area. Customer reviews are also posted in this marketplace.

Messaging & Communication

The messaging system provides for communication with customers and on-site staff.

Customers can request quotes and attach photos to their communications. Notification is sent to customers for booked job orders. “On my way” alerts go to customers when technicians push the On My Way button on their phones. Customers receive invoices via email for completed jobs, as well as reminders and “thank you” emails.

Dispatchers can send updates to technicians in the field. Your service staff can easily communicate with your office if any issues arise on a job. This reduces lost time waiting for decisions to be made.


The HouseCall Pro app puts you in command of the workflow on job orders to a degree that many apps don’t. Tracking customers, job orders, invoices, payment and histories of communication becomes convenient because all of this data is stored.

HouseCall Pro integrates with the HouseCall consumer app and can be downloaded to phones to make it easy for customers to book a service.


HouseCall Pro integrates with a host of apps such as:


You can download the HouseCall Pro apps here.


HouseCall Pro offers a free trial that does not require any credit card information. Those who pay for the app receive a 30-day money back guarantee.

There are three pricing plans for HouseCall Pro: Simple, Modern and Advanced. There is no contract required for any of these three plans, giving users the option of cancelling at any time without penalty.

  • Simple: This plan is for one user and is well priced at $39 USD per month. It is great for small businesses run by a single person or with only a few employees. Support is provided by email for the Simple plan.
  • Modern: The Modern plan allows one to six users to for $89 per month. It comes with the features of the Simple plan, as well as Quickbooks online integration, live chat support, online booking capabilities and access to postcard marketing.
  • Advanced: This plan allows unlimited users to work with HouseCall Pro and costs $199 USD per month. It includes features from both plans above, along with customizable reports and employee GPS tracking.


There are three types of support provided to customers through the HouseCall Pro website, which are based on the plan you have chosen. However, support information is only attainable if you have first created an account with HouseCall Pro. The contact information is not posted for people who have not opened accounts.

Support offered to customers:

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Help Center
  • Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Video tutorials

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The Bottom Line

HouseCall Pro app aims to eliminate paper records. It provides a number of functions that will help to reduce paperwork for the entire process of managing your business. It is suitable for small to middle size companies and is especially well-suited to growing businesses. You can add functionality as you expand and increase your capacity to handle more customers and more staff. The integrations expand the functionality and give you a robust solution to managing your workflow while reducing back-office chores. The connection to the HouseCall marketplace can bring you new customers, and the reviews on that platform can help build your business reputation.

You can start with the free trial, and see if the management style of the app fits the personality of your company. You will have limited features, but you can get a feel for the app. If you see that HouseCall Pro could improve your bottom line, you can add the level of features that match your growth.

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