TimeCamp App Overview

The TimeCamp app can take care of all of your time concerns, so you can stay organized without manually counting the time. It helps improve employee productivity with just a few simple clicks. Using the right time clock software is one of the keys to success.

TimeCamp is reliable and cost-effective software, equipped with many useful features that help the employer manage the time costs of a business. Everything is collected in a simple and intuitive tool available in desktop and mobile versions, or as a browser extension. These tools simplify scheduling and assist in making an appropriate plan for each day. TimeCamp is integrated with other management software to automatically track time and activity.

You will not have a steep learning curve with this app, because it is easy to understand and has user-friendly interfaces. You can train your employees to use it is one training session.

Key Features

TimeCamp is a comprehensive time management tool. It provides invoices, reports, productivity checks, assistance, and integration with multiple applications. You can keep track of all your time in one place. Below are some key features of the TimeCamp app.

Automated Time Entry

You do not have to worry about filling your time sheets manually. TimeCamp works without the need for manual inputs.

Switching to Automatic Mode

If you have trouble remembering all activities performed during the day or you just do not want to bother filling out your timesheets and running the timer every time, TimeCamp has a feature that allows you to switch to automatic mode. The application will track and record all your actions, documents, websites visited and applications used.

Keyword Identification

Identifying keywords for each project and each task assigned to it can facilitate more efficient work.  Enter the names of the files, applications, and keywords for each assignment. TimeCamp detects all sentences in window titles or URLs and starts to track the time each time the words appear in the active window. It then automatically fills time sheets by assigning activities.

Manage Projects from a Desktop

Using the application, you do not have to enter the website to manage your projects and tasks. You can do it using your desktop. Give each project a name, define the keywords and choose the main task. This way, you can automatically keep track of time and record it on your timesheets.

Visual Time-Tracking

Tracking visual time in a single click allows you to successfully fill out time sheets and integrate with a calendar. You can see a project’s profitability and see problems before they arrive. This will improve project prediction and estimation. You will never lose track of hours worked with this feature.

Billing Online

Using time tickets, you can bill your customers or measure the profitability of the project. You can also track how many hours employees work on each project and how many hours they spend on tasks that cannot be billed.


Many apps provide invoice management, time tracking, forecasting, and expense management, but the TimeCamp app has pricing that is highly competitive.

It is available for PC, Android and iOS, and can be integrated with several other software applications.


TimeCamp easily integrates with the following apps:


The TimeCamp app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


There are various plan options if you choose to use TimeCamp. Along with a free plan, there are three other options. You can choose your plan based on the size of your business and features you require.

Solo Plan:

  • Free plan
  • One user
  • Mobile & desktop app
  • Automatic time tracking
  • Tracking computer usage
  • Unlimited projects & tasks

You can register for the Solo Plan here.

Basic Plan:

  • $7 USD per month
  • Best for small agencies and business owners
  • Time tracking
  • Productivity tracking
  • Mobile & desktop app
  • Unlimited projects & tasks
  • Exporting
  • Addons & integrations
  • Billable time & budgeting

Pro Plan:

  • $10 USD per month
  • Best for medium companies
  • All of the above features
  • Invoicing
  • Priority support
  • Scheduled reports
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Projects costs & billing rates

Enterprise Plan:

  • For businesses with 50-plus employees
  • All of the above features
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Active directory integration
  • On-Boarding
  • Training

For more information on the TimeCamp Enterprise Plan, email the company at sales@timecamp.com.

You are allowed to try the app before you buy it with a 30-day free trial to test out all the features and options. The free trial makes all features available to you. Register for the 30-day free trial here.

Support & Contact

  • Phone  – 1 (646) 893-7463 NorthAmerica; +44 (203) 514-0139 Europe
  • Email – team@timecamp.com

You can also visit the contact page on their website for more information.

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The Bottom Line

The TimeCamp app is easy to use at any location at any time. The application is available on Android play store and on the iOS store. This means that the app can easily be used on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

In short, this app makes it easy and convenient to enter and track time, whether for employees or projects. You will have complete command of your time costs and be able to see how much of your expenses go to time-related functions.

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