Avaza App Overview

The Avaza app is project management software designed for small and large organizations. Avaza consists of modules which are seamlessly integrated but are also capable of running as independent modules. Avaza facilitates communication and collaboration among team members and the stakeholders of different projects. It also covers a range of project activities from planning to tracking, monitoring expenses and creating invoices.

Key Features

Assigning Billing for Project Team Members

Team members may be assigned a billable rate, cost rate and budgeted hours. A project manager can approve time sheets of other members. There must be at least one person – usually the project manager, whose time sheets do not need approval.

Quotes and Estimates

Costs incurred for a project can be estimated, and a quotation can be submitted to the customer. The cost components fall into the categories of expense, product, service or timesheet. Other user-defined classifications may also be added. You can also offer discounts and add taxes.


Invoices can be created based on one or more of the following:

  • Time – by adding the actual time logged through the time sheets for team members having different hourly rates
  • Expenses – by adding the expenses incurred on the project
  • Fixed amounts – by adding amounts chargeable to the customer

Once generated, the Invoice can be sent to the customer.

Invoices can be defined as recurring also – generated for a specified number of times or indefinitely.


The Avaza app enables you to record collections against invoices. This helps to keep track of outstanding invoices. Avaza also helps keep track of partially paid invoices.

The system offers different reports which reflect the status of invoices. Moreover, the dashboard displays comprehensive information about outstanding invoice status.


Projects can be defined with a name and contact details of the customer’s contact person. You can specify whether the time sheets need approval or not. You can also track the project status.

Project Billing Method

Billable projects can be priced at a flat rate or by hourly rates.


Tasks are defined by task name, description, related project, customer, status, the employee or team it is assigned to, due date and time, and estimated duration. E-mail is sent to the assignee whenever a task is being assigned.

Tasks can be integrated with an external calendar like Google Calendar and synchronized with it.

Time Sheets

Time sheet entries can be classified under different categories. The timer captures time spent from when it is switched on until it is switched off.


Project expenses can be accumulated based on person hourly rate, category hourly rate, or project hourly rate, and then that calculation can be used to generate invoices to customers.


Avaza offers a unique project management feature. You can manage all of your projects on one screen. This prevents having to close a project and open another to check status or make data entries. The reminders regarding completion of tasks help you keep your project activities organized, even when managing multiple projects.


The Avaza app integrates with many popular applications, such as:


Applications are available for iOS and Android mobile devices.


There are four different pricing options available for the Avaza app:


  • Five Projects at a Time
  • You can have ten Customers
  • One  user can have Timesheet/Expense module access
  • One user can have Admin/Invoice access
  • You can send per Month
  • You get 100 MB Storage

Startup – $9.95 USD/month

  • Manage 20 Active Projects
  • You can have unlimited Customers
  • You may assign two users with Timesheet/Expense access.
  • You are allowed Admin/Invoice User
  • You can send 50 Invoices per Month
  • You get 10 GB Storage included

Basic – $19.95 USD/month

  • Manage 50 Projects
  • Add unlimited Customers
  • Assign five users with Timesheet/Expense module access
  • You may have two users with Admin/Invoice access.
  • Add more users for $5 each per month.
  • Send up to 100 Invoices per Month
  • You get 20 GB Storage included

Business – $39.95 USD/month

  • Manage unlimited Projects
  • You may work with unlimited Customers
  • Assign 10 users with Timesheet/Expense access.
  • Add more for $5 each month.
  • You may have five  users with Admin/Invoice access.
  • Add more for $5 each month.
  • Send unlimited Invoices
  • You get 30 GB Storage included

Support & Contact Info

While using the application, messages are displayed offering help. A chat window is available for instantaneous chat, and user guides and help documents are accessible through the links being displayed alongside many forms. Icons leading to articles are displayed.

In addition, support is available by e-mailing support@avaza.com

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The Bottom Line

The Avaza app is an extremely user-friendly, comprehensive app for small, medium and large organizations. It is especially appropriate for organizations which have multiple projects running simultaneously at multiple sites.

It helps cut down on time and effort by offering unique features like recurring expenses and invoices, quotation and estimation, form templates and tracking of payments.

Another important factor is its accessibility on smartphones, iPads and tablets, which enables users to access the system while being away from the workplace. The data gets appropriately synchronized across devices.

The offer to start with a free account and gradually upgrade to paid accounts is also reasonable for all prospective customers.

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